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Stereotype of the Month Contest
Find a new Native stereotype in the media!

The entries for future Stereotype of the Month contests are in progress. Please check here for updates.

Stereotype of the Year loser
Comanche Moon:  Rangers, Tramps, and Thieves

Stereotype of the Year dishonorable mention
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


Massasoit November-December 2008
Whopper commercial mocks Natives
Campbell Brown slams Indians   THE LOSER!
"Grey Eagle" teaches stereotypes
Aborigines wallow in garbage on "arses"
Massasoit statue in Utah   Dishonorable mention
Indian princesses on Facebook
Horsing around with Horsey
"Chief Chicken Hawk" t-shirt
Fuzzy Indians in (Lil) Green Patch
Palin rap features "Eskimos"

Old Navy October 2008
Indians in Old Christine
Aztec animals in Chihuahua
"Help!  Young Indians are coming"
Halloween protest, 2008 edition
"All Native women are hoes"   THE LOSER!
"Real America" = white?   Dishonorable mention
Nude Navajo model
No Natives in (Lil) Green Patch
"Savages" shouldn't lecture Chinese?
Political ads stereotype Colvilles
"Party like it's 1492"
Anasazi Cannibal Woman for sale

Buffalo Bill and the Indians on the Beach August-September 2008
Navajo plays chief for tourists   Dishonorable mention
Official implies Natives aren't sober
Monegan went off the reservation?
"Buffalo Bill and the Indians on the Beach"   THE LOSER!
Seeking stuttering Sammy
"Emperor" of "lost tribe" claims sovereignty
Indian maiden in PISTOLFIST
A look at LIVING CORPSE #3
Cowboys catch an "Injun"
Drunk Indian on MySpace

Family Guy July 2008
Australian Indian whoops it up
Scout society stereotypes Indians   Dishonorable mention
Indian casino in Family Guy   THE LOSER!
Pageant contestant = sexy chief
Soldiers vs. Indians again
Shonie visits Running Indian

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull March-June 2008
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull   THE LOSER!
Aztec religion = dinosaur worship
Students can't overcome stereotypes
The Ruins is a wreck
New Indian beer
April Fools' joke on Indians
Gory STREETS OF GLORY   Dishonorable mention
Chihuahuas dressed as Indians
"Hostile" Indians justify guns
Mardi Gras Indian stereotypes

David Yeagley February 2008
Warpath kills for X-Force
Native horse trading cards   Dishonorable mention
Modern-day totem poles
Mohawks sue NY Post
Racist Swedish documentary   THE LOSER!
Faux Indian fashion

Comanche Moon January 2008
Raymond loves Indians
Play the greedy-tribe game!   Dishonorable mention
God tells non-Native to open store
Teepees in Manhattan on New Amsterdam
Comanche Moon:  Rangers, Tramps, and Thieves   THE LOSER!
Stereotypes in the Rose Parade

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Chief Wahoo Hall of Shame
Indian rights = special rights
Too-powerful Indians
Rich Indians
Greedy Indians
Indians as welfare recipients
New Age mystics, healers, and ceremonies
Indian wannabes and imitators
Ecological Indian talk
"Funny" Indian names
YMCA-Indian Guides
Chief Wahoo
Team names and mascots
Enemy territory as "Indian country"
Indians in the military
The "outdated" reservation system
The "vanishing breed"
Good-for-nothing Indians
Drunken Indians
Wooden cigar-store Indians
The big chief
Tonto and the "good Indian"
Tonto talk
Kinky Indian sex
Indian women as sex objects
Squaw:  the s-word
Romanticized Indians
Indian burial grounds
Shamans, medicine men, or priests?
"Primitive" Indian religion
Uncivilized Indians
Indians owned slaves
Warlike Indian cultures
Indians as cannibals
Scalping, torture, and mutilation by Indians
Indians as warriors
Savage Indians
Eskimos:  the ultimate aborigines

The rules
How to enter the contest

Blue Corn

The basics
The essential facts about Indians today
Tipis, feather bonnets, and other Native American stereotypes
A brief history of Native stereotyping

More sources for stereotypes
TV shows featuring Indians
The best Indian movies
Native plays and other stage shows
The best Indian books
Comic books featuring Indians
Native comic strips vs. comic books
Video games featuring Indians
Indians in pop music
Native American stereotypes in the popular media

More links for stereotypes
Stereotypes of Native Americans
Recent Native American stereotypes in the movies
Viejas Stereotypes of the Month (duplicate site)

Stereotypes in the Authentic History Center
Indian kitsch collection
How the West was wined
Mythologizing the American West
Authentic History Center

More information on stereotypes
Why do we use stereotypes?
The political uses of stereotyping
The harm of Native stereotyping:  facts and evidence
Quotes on Native stereotyping
Stereotyping Indians by omission
The trouble with stereotyping...and what to do about it
How to eliminate Indian stereotypes

General commentary on stereotypes
Natives accept positive stereotypes
Positive stereotypes are negative
Canadians ignorant about Aboriginals
Powwow counters stereotypes
Wrong to point out stereotypes?
"You guys actually exist still?"
Neither "Chief" nor "Squaw"
"Cowboys and Indians" images
Native stereotyping = minstrel shows
Are stereotypes decreasing?
How things have changed
Generalizing about Indians
Mighty whitey to the rescue
Indians as rabbits
No whoo-whoo at this powwow
Beyond beads and feathers
Autistic kids recognize stereotypes
Why whites stereotype minorities
The "Brady Braves" blog
Traveling exhibit features stereotypes
Natives as they are
Racist advertising
"Funny, you don't look Indian"
Stereotypes empower white supremacy
Alaskan art overturns expectations
Drawings determined Indian images
Media stereotypes other cultures
Any excuse for stereotypes
Billboard makes a point
Good article on Native stereotyping
What Canadian kids are learning
Stereotypes persist in 2007
Is the past past?
Pop culture is the source
Indians replaced by cartoons
First images of Indians ever
Indians like stereotypes too?
They're dead or they're strange
Toys tell the tale
Racist stereotypes still common
Google Images of Indians
Fighting stereotypes by exposing them
Students don't know Indians
But stereotypes can hurt you
Kids say the darndest things

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