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The Best Indian Movies
Compiled by Todd Tamanend Clark and Rob Schmidt

The film Indian is pervasive. No Indian reservation is too distant, no native community too traditional to escape the impact of the movie stereotypes.

Rennard Strickland, Ph.D, Coyote Goes Hollywood, Native Peoples, 1/13/97

Nothing will teach history better than an "authentic" film about American Indians, with real American Indian actors, producers and directors.

Paul Apodaca (Navajo/Mixton), Apodaca:  Hollywood Tragicomedy, Indian Country Today, 11/30/07


Native movie history summarized
From an article titled Native Filmmakers, Actors Depict Tribal Life — Past and Present by Kevin Abourezk, in which he interviews director Chris Eyre. In the Lincoln Journal Star, 1/4/04:

American cinematic history is, really, the history of all cinema. And it is a history rich with Native influence.

"Indian people have been the longest running subject of films out of anyone," Eyre said.

In fact, Thomas Edison used film images from a Pueblo village as early as the 1890s to showcase his kinetoscope, long considered the first motion picture viewer.

From 1910 to 1913, about 100 movies a year were made about Native people, Eyre said. Most were silent movies romanticizing the noble red man, yet portraying him as naive and childlike.

Later, Westerns of the 1930s and 1940s used non-Native actors to portray Natives as bloodthirsty savages out to kill pioneers and capture their women.
It's no longer politically correct to use non-Natives to portray Native people, said Kevin Hagopian, a lecturer in media studies at Penn State University.

And, starting in the 1960s and '70s, filmmakers became more sympathetic in their treatment of Natives.

"Little Big Man," released in 1970 and starring Dustin Hoffman, was one of the first blockbusters to question Western civilization as a more enlightened way of life.

"The white civilization is absurdly portrayed in that movie," Hagopian said. "It's the Indian life that's normal."

But did Hollywood simply swap its old habits for new ways to propagate Native stereotypes? Films like "Dances with Wolves" featured white main characters as enlightened saviors trying to preserve the Natives' dying way of life.

Which movie's the best?
From 2000 to 2002 we polled people to determine the best movies by or about Native people. The following are the unscientific results:

The top vote-getters Year Votes
The Broken Chain 1993 7
Thunderheart 1992 7
The Emerald Forest 1992 6
Lakota Woman:  Siege at Wounded Knee  [TV] 1994 6
Where the Spirit Lives  [TV] 1991 5
The Last of the Mohicans 1989 5
Tecumseh:  The Last Warrior  [TV] 1995 4
Smoke Signals 1998 4
Kings of the Sun 1963 3
Dances with Wolves 1993 3
Dead Man 1995 3

The full list
The following is a nearly complete list of major motion pictures about Native Americans. I've included my rating on a scale of 0 (worst) to 10 (best). A rating of "x.x" means I've seen the movie but haven't rated it.

Movie Year Rating
The Redman's View 1909
Red Wing's Gratitude 1909
The Cowboy and the Squaw 1910
Ramona 1910
A Romance of the Western Hills 1910
White Fawn's Devotion 1910
The Squaw's Love 1911
The Squaw Man's Sweetheart 1912
The Squaw Man's Revenge 1912
The Indian Wars 1913
The Werewolf 1913
In the Land of the Head Hunters 1914
The Squaw Man 1914
The Adventures of Buffalo Bill 1914
Battle at Elderbush Gulch 1914
In the Days of the Thundering Herd 1914
The Gold Dust and the Squaw 1915
Ramona 1916
The Squaw Man's Son 1917
The Adventures of Buffalo Bill 1917
Indian Life 1917
The Squaw Man 1918
Just Squaw 1919
The Last of the Mohicans 1920
Paleface 1921
White Oak 1921
The Thundering Herd 1924
The Vanishing American 1925
The Devil Horse 1926
Warpaint 1926
With Sitting Bull at the Spirit Lake Massacre 1927
Spoilers of the West 1927
Wyoming 1927
Ramona 1928
The Glorious Trail 1928
Red Raiders 1928
The Silent Enemy 1930
The Big Trail 1930
Girl of the Golden West 1930
The Squaw Man 1931
White Eagle 1932
End of the Trail 1932
Massacre 1934
Ramona 1936
Drums Along the Mohawk 1939 8.0
Susannah of the Mounties 1939
They Died With Their Boots On 1941 8.0
Northwest Passage 1940 7.5
Winners of the West 1940
White Eagle 1941
Duel in the Sun 1946
Fort Apache 1948 7.5
Red River 1948 8.0
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 1949 6.5
Rio Grande 1950 7.0
Winchester '73 1950 7.5
Comanche Territory 1950
Broken Arrow 1951 8.5
Distant Drums 1951 7.0
Cavalry Charge 1951
The Big Sky 1952
Pony Soldier 1952
Son of Geronimo 1952
Hondo 1953 7.5
The Naked Spur 1953 7.5
Arrowhead 1953
Seminole 1953
The Great Sioux Uprising 1953
Conquest of Cochise 1953
Secret of the Incas 1954
Taza, Son of Cochise 1954
Apache 1954
Saskatchewan 1954
The Man from Laramie 1955 8.0
The Vanishing American 1955
Seminole Uprising 1955
Apache Ambush 1955
Far Horizons 1955
Mohawk 1956 5.0
The Lone Ranger 1956
Walk the Proud Land 1956
The Searchers 1956 6.0
Reprisal! 1956
The Tin Star 1957 8.0
Naked in the Sun 1957
Pawnee 1957
Run of the Arrow 1957
War Drums 1957
Tomahawk Trail 1957
The Ride Back! 1957
The Light in the Forest 1958 7.0
The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold 1958
Tonka 1958
Escort West 1959
Flaming Star 1960
The Unforgiven 1960 7.0
The Savage Innocents 1960
The Outsider 1961
A Thunder of Drums 1961
Geronimo 1962
McLintock! 1963 7.5
Kings of the Sun 1963
Indian Paint 1964
Island of the Blue Dolphins 1964 x.x
Cheyenne Autumn 1964 7.5
Blood on the Arrow 1964
Attack of the Mayan Mummy 1964
The Great Sioux Massacre 1965
Johnny Tiger 1966
Die Sohne der Grossen Barin 1966
Navajo Joe 1966
Hombre 1967
Chingachgook, die Grosse Schlange 1967
White Comanche 1968
Stay Away, Joe 1968
Royal Hunt of the Sun 1969 7.5
Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here 1969
Little Big Man 1970 8.0
A Man Called Horse 1970
Soldier Blue 1970
Flap 1970
Billy Jack 1971 x.x
Captain Apache 1971
Ulzana's Raid 1972
Arrow to the Sun  [video] 1973 9.0
I Heard the Owl Call My Name 1973 7.0
Chato's Land 1972
Apachen (Apaches) 1973
The White Dawn 1974
The Trial of Billy Jack 1974
Chac: The Rain God 1974
I Will Fight No More Forever  [TV] 1975
Johnny Firecloud 1975
Buffalo Bill and the Indians 1976 7.0
The Return of a Man Called Horse 1976
The Outlaw Josey Wales 1976
Joe Panther 1976
Winterhawk 1976
The White Buffalo 1977
Billy Jack Goes to Washington 1977
Nanook Taxi 1977
The Girl Called Hatter Fox  [TV] 1977 x.x
In MacArthur Park 1977
Relentless  [TV] 1977
Grayeagle 1978
The Manitou 1978
Fish Hawk 1979
Nightwing 1979
Windwalker 1980
The Mountain Men 1980
Cannibal Holocaust 1980
Wolfen 1981
Triumph of a Man Called Horse 1982
The Legend of Walks Far Woman  [TV] 1982
Sacred Ground 1983
Running Brave 1983
Mystic Warrior  [TV] 1984
Isaac Littlefeathers 1984
The Mission 1986 8.0
House Made of Dawn 1987
The Gambler III:  The Legend Continues  [TV] 1987
Creepshow 2 1987
War Party 1988
Red Earth, White Earth  [TV] 1989
The Last of the Mohicans 1989 7.5
Renegades 1989
Salmonberries 1991
Black Robe 1991
At Play in the Fields of the Lord 1991
Pow Wow Highway 1991 8.0
Where the Spirit Lives  [TV] 1991
Thunderheart 1992 8.5
The Emerald Forest 1992 8.0
Map of the Human Heart 1992
The Broken Cord  [TV] 1992
The Last of His Tribe  [TV] 1992 8.0
The Broken Chain 1993 7.0
Dances with Wolves 1993 8.5
Geronimo:  An American Legend 1993 7.0
Geronimo  [TV] 1993
Spirit Rider 1993 7.0
Shadowhunter 1993
Medicine River  [TV] 1993
Legends of the Fall 1994
Lakota Woman:  Siege at Wounded Knee  [TV] 1994
Dance Me Outside 1994 8.0
Clearcut 1994
The Dark Wind 1994 8.0
White Fang II:  Myth of the White Wolf 1994
Sioux City 1994
On Deadly Ground 1994
Squanto:  A Warrior's Tale 1994 7.5
Kabloonak 1994
Cheyenne Warrior  [TV] 1994
Street Fighter 1994
Windrunner 1994
City of Dreams 1995
Last of the Dogmen 1995
The Indian in the Cupboard 1995 8.0
Pocahontas 1995 8.5
Dead Man 1995
Tecumseh:  The Last Warrior  [TV] 1995
Black Fox  [TV] 1995
Werewolf 1996
The Education of Little Tree 1997 7.0
Jungle 2 Jungle 1997 7.0
Song of Hiawatha  [TV] 1997
Sisters and Other Strangers  [TV] 1997
The Brave 1997
Smilla's Sense of Snow 1997
Stolen Women: Captured Hearts  [TV] 1997
Smoke Signals 1998 8.0
The Other Conquest 1998
Naturally Native 1998
Pocahontas II:  Journey to a New World  [video] 1998 7.5
Grand Avenue  [TV] 1998 8.0
Crazy Horse  [TV] 1998 7.5
Big Bear  [TV] 1998
Grey Owl 1999
The Road to El Dorado 2000 7.0
The Lost Child  [TV] 2000
The Emperor's New Groove 2000 7.5
Johnny Greyeyes 2000
Shanghai Noon 2000 7.5
Reindeer Games 2000
Big Eden 2001
The Doe Boy 2001 7.5
Two Grey Hills 2001
The Homecoming of Jimmy Whitecloud 2001
Brotherhood of the Wolf 2002
Wendigo 2002
Skins 2002 8.0
The Business of Fancydancing 2002 9.0
The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat) 2002 7.0
Spirit:  Stallion of the Cimarron 2002 8.0
Windtalkers 2002
Skinwalkers  [TV] 2002 7.5
Now & Forever 2002 6.0
Get Goosed 2002
The Lone Ranger  [TV] 2003 7.0
Brother Bear 2003 8.0
Coyote Waits  [TV] 2003 7.5
The Missing 2003
Dreamkeeper  [TV] 2003 7.5
Nate and the Colonel 2003
Edge of America 2003 7.5
Hidalgo 2004 7.5
Black Cloud 2004 7.0
Don't Call Me Tonto 2004
Stryker 2004
Skeleton Man 2004
Fierce People 2005 6.0
A Thief of Time  [TV] 2005 7.0
A Thousand Roads 2005
Into the West  [TV] 2005 7.5
Christmas in the Clouds 2005 7.5
Kronk's New Groove 2005 6.0
Buffalo Dreams  [TV] 2005
Skinwalker:  Curse of the Shaman  [video] 2005
Sleepdancer 2005
Dude Vision 2005
Miracle at Sage Creek  [TV] 2005
Little House on the Prairie  [TV] 2005
The New World 2006 8.0
End of the Spear 2006 7.5
Brother Bear 2 2006 7.5
The Journals of Knud Rasmussen 2006
The Fountain 2006
Flags of Our Fathers 2006
Mel Gibson's Apocalypto 2006
The Legend of Tillamook's Gold 2006
Pocahauntus 2006
Mile Post 398 2007 8.0
Four Sheets to the Wind 2007 8.5
Pathfinder 2007
Imprint 2007 8.5
Luna  [TV] 2007
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee  [TV] 2007 7.5
Turquoise Rose 2007
Skinwalkers 2007
Lost Colony  [TV] 2007
National Treasure:  Book of Secrets 2007 7.0
Beyond the Quest 2007
Unearthed 2007
Frozen River 2008 7.5
Comanche Moon  [TV] 2008 6.5
Turok Son of Stone  [video] 2008
Tkaronto 2008
Older than America 2008
The Ruins 2008
Aztec Rex  [TV] 2008
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 2008 7.5
Moccasin Flats:  Redemption  [TV] 2008
Before Tomorrow 2008
In a World Created by a Drunken God 2008
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2008
A Quantum of Solace 2008
Twilight 2008 6.5
Justin Time 2008
Legend of Secret Pass 2008
Rez Bomb 2008
California Indian 2008
Killshot 2008
Little Bear & The Master 2008
The Only Good Indian 2009
Barking Water 2009
We Shall Remain:  After the Mayflower  [TV] 2009 8.5
We Shall Remain:  Tecumseh's Vision  [TV] 2009 9.0
We Shall Remain:  Trail of Tears  [TV] 2009 8.0
We Shall Remain:  Geronimo  [TV] 2009 8.5
We Shall Remain:  Wounded Knee  [TV] 2009 8.0
Shadowheart 2009
The View from Here 2009
Pearl 2009
Some Days Are Better Than Others 2009
New Moon 2009
Palominas 2009
Callous 2009
The Hunter's Moon 2009
Nuummioq 2009
Barbarian Princess 2009
Avatar 2009 8.0
Taking Chances 2009 7.0
So Close to Perfect 2009
Kissed by Lightning 2009
The Wild Girl  [TV] 2010
Indian Girl 2010
Jonah Hex 2010
The Last Airbender 2010
Eclipse 2010
Behind the Door of a Secret Girl 2010
Meek's Cutoff 2010
Some Days Are Better Than Others 2010
Even the Rain 2010
The Dead Can't Dance 2010
On the Ice 2011
Cowboys & Aliens 2011
Charlie Zone 2011
Everybody Loves Whales 20xx
Shouting Secrets 20xx
Algonquin 20xx
Ink--A Tale of Captivity 20xx
Native Dawn 20xx
The Color of Lightning 20xx
Rainbow Boy 20xx
More Than Frybread 20xx
Crooked Arrows 20xx
Hiawatha Diary 20xx
Warrior Within 20xx
Retired 20xx
Maneater 20xx
Jordan 20xx
Unbound Captives 20xx
The Lone Ranger 20xx
Valhalla Rising 20xx
Timberwolf 20xx
Breaking Dawn 20xx
The Boom Boom Room 20xx
Path of Souls 20xx
Winter in the Blood 20xx
First Allies 20xx
Winnetou 20xx
Moonhair 20xx

Other noteworthy movies
The following are movies that aren't about Natives per se, but have a significant Native theme or performance.

Movie Year Rating
Stagecoach 1939 x.x
Ace in the Hole 1951 8.5
Peter Pan 1953 7.5
Sergeant Rutledge 1960 8.0
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1975 8.0
The Doors 1991
Wide Sargasso Sea 1993
Maverick 1994
Alaska 1996
Peter Pan 2003 7.5
Atlantis:  Milo's Return  [video] 2003 6.0
Barn Red 2004
Transamerica 2005 8.5
That One Summer 2005
Hank Williams First Nation 2005
Pirates of the Caribbean:  Dead Man's Chest 2006 8.0
Frozen Stupid 2006
Australia 2008 6.0
2012 2009

Indigenous-themed movies
Selected movies about the lives and cultures of Australia's aborigines, Africa's indigenous people, et al.

Movie Year Rating
Walkabout 1971 7.0
The Gods Must Be Crazy 1984 8.0
Crocodile Dundee 1986 7.5
Crocodile Dundee II 1988 7.5
The Gods Must Be Crazy II 1989 5.0
Whale Rider 2002 7.5
Rabbit-Proof Fence 2002 8.5
Ten Canoes 2006 8.0
Australia 2008

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Native documentaries and news

Criteria for inclusion
To be listed as a Native movie, a significant portion of the work must be about Native people or culture. If you want to quantify that, say a third of the movie or more.

Other noteworthy movies may appear in the section of that name. Note that these lists don't include every movie with an Indian theme, an Indian actor in a significant role, or Indians as anonymous "bad guys." Such lists are beyond our capabilities to compile at present.

Please note that some of these movies may contain stereotypes, cultural inaccuracies, or other content that we don't necessarily approve of. We've included them as popular culture art forms for research purposes.

We welcome input about movies we've omitted or misidentified. These lists will always be a work in progress.

Where to find Indian-themed videos
To order the best of the movies listed above, go to Blue Corn Comics' Customers page.

If the movie you want isn't listed there, the obvious places to look are Amazon and eBay. For more obscure items, try:

Meadowlark Communications:  (888) 728-2180
Drumbeat Indian Arts:  (800) 895-4859

If an item is really obscure, you can always try the studio or production company that produced it. It may have released the movie on video or DVD. If you don't know who produced it, try IMDB or Google.

Articles on Native moviemaking
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Havasupai in Next
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Index of Native American Movie Resources on the Internet
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