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Frequently Asked Questions


A multicultural comic book featuring Native Americans.

What's PEACE PARTY about?

To find out, watch our one-minute video, then return here.

What should I know about PEACE PARTY?

PEACE PARTY, a bold new series from Blue Corn Comics, is dazzling readers with its fast-paced mix of action, humor, and intelligence. Critics and fans alike are calling it everything from "cool" to "thought-provoking" to "a revelation."

Written by Rob Schmidt, PEACE PARTY tells the story of two young Indians chosen by the gods to become superheroes. Unlike most comic books, PEACE PARTY uses the genre to present character-based dramas. It portrays Native people as they are today, free from myths and stereotypes.

With storylines ranging from prejudice and pollution to supervillains and the supernatural, PEACE PARTY is tapping into America's growing ecological, multicultural, and spiritual trends. "Comic book publishers must reach new readers with new kinds of stories or suffer," explains Schmidt. "Thus, PEACE PARTY, the right comic for the times."

For more press information, see our Media Center.

Whom does PEACE PARTY star?

PEACE PARTY stars two Hopi/Pueblo cousins, Billy Honanie and Drew Quyatt. Billy's an urban Indian, a lawyer, who's out of touch with his heritage. Drew's a reservation Indian, an artist, who's deeply connected to his heritage. Reconciling their differences, which represent the Native duality of "living in two worlds," is the heart of the series.

Does PEACE PARTY have anything to do with political parties like the Peace and Freedom Party?

No. The name combines "peace" (the absence of war or other hostilities; harmonious relations) and "party" (a group of persons gathered together to participate in some activity). Our stories may have a political edge but it's not a requirement.

I have a short attention span. How would you describe PEACE PARTY in one sentence?

Tony Hillerman meets Harry Potter with a touch of The X-Files.

Who are you?

PEACE PARTY's creator, writer, and publisher is Rob Schmidt. He's a WASP who works as a freelance writer and has an abiding interest in Native and multicultural subjects. For details see the Biography page and More Background on the Publisher.

Are any Native Americans involved in PEACE PARTY?

Yes. We've had and have Native people writing and drawing stories. We have a Board of Native experts who review the scripts and advise on Native issues. We have Native business partners who help market and sell the comics. And we're always looking for help in all these areas.

Why do a comic about Native Americans?

Why do a comic about Hopi and Pueblo Indians?

What's this "multicultural perspective" you keep talking about?

For the latest developments on the multicultural front, see News from a Multicultural Perspective.

Where did the idea for PEACE PARTY come from?

What are your objectives for PEACE PARTY?

Why should I get PEACE PARTY?

Because reviewers, fans, retailers, educators, and our advisors say you should. Would they lie to you? (Okay, some of them might, but all of them?)

How do I get PEACE PARTY?

Visit our Links page to see retailers who carry PEACE PARTY. Most have websites or toll-free numbers you can use to order PEACE PARTY.

But the easiest way is to order PEACE PARTY by mail directly from this site. To do so, go to our Customers page and proceed from there.

What should I do if I'm really excited about PEACE PARTY?

Besides buying an extra copy or two for your friends? Go to our Help page for some simple things you can do.

When will you publish more PEACE PARTY?

We're working to put more stories in print. For our latest thinking, visit our Plans 2000+ page.

How can I keep posted on developments?

For the major developments, scan our past press releases periodically. For the month-by-month developments (and there are usually some), subscribe to our free e-mail newsletter, Indian Comics Irregular. It has all the news about indigenous-themed comics, including PEACE PARTY, that's fit to print. Or check our home page and other pages for the items tagged NEW! or Expanded!

What if I'm an artist or writer and want to submit material?

We're always looking for talented writers and artists, especially those with a Native background or familiarity with Native culture. For more information, follow the links above.

Where do I go for more information?

Follow the links scattered throughout this page, or contact the publisher.

Who's better:  Peace Party or ________ (Superman, Hulk, Spider-Man, Batman, Wolverine, Punisher, et al.)?

At the height of their powers, our dynamic duo could defeat anyone this side of Superman or the Hulk. But they try not to brag about it.

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