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Yeagley the Indian Apple

apple  n. An Indian who is red on the outside, white on the inside.
Tonto  n. Sidekick, lackey, Indian Uncle Tom.
Tepee Tom  n. Native American version of an Uncle Tom. Synonyms: Tonto, Fort Indian, Hang-around-the-fort Indian.

Native American Slang


"One small and unworthy man"
David A. Yeagley describes himself as "an American Indian, a Comanche from Oklahoma," and "a published scholar, professionally recorded composer, and an adjunct professor at the University of Oklahoma College of Liberal Studies." I describe him as an Indian apple or Uncle Tom(ahawk).

Yeagley may not be what he claims, as the following postings suggest:

The Whisper
The Indian Gossip Column

The Whisper 6/14/2005

David Yeagley is a man on a mission, but it seems he is not what he claims to be: a Comanche Indian.

Yeagley, who longs to be the voice of conservative thought in Indian Country, has railed against those he accuses of being, dare we say it: a liberal. An Indian liberal for David's purposes is someone who supports, well, being Indian. Quite frankly, the Whisper has never quite figured out what Yeagley is for, but he is clear as mud what he is against. He seems to be against anyone more famous or liked than him. Of course that covers just about everyone, so he is fond of attacking every respectable Indian leader and policy of self-determination.

Yeagley seems to hate Indianness, if that's possible. He is called upon to give an alternative view to Indian positions. He has appeared on C-Span and given speeches at the National Press Club. The far-right wing of the lunatic fringe embraces him. He makes most respectable conservatives embarrassed that he sides with them. More than anything else he angers many Native Americans with these hateful tomes against Indian people. He does so by also noting he is Comanche Indian. He even claims lineage to famed Comanche Bad Eagle.

According to sources at the Comanche headquarters, David is not Comanche. His adopted mother is Comanche.

Did David know this when he applied to become a Kellogg Fellow in their Indian Leadership program? Does he owe them some money?

David released a CD titled "Awakening," of so-called Indian flute music. Is he in violation beyond basic ethics, or of federal laws regarding the marketing of arts and crafts by non-Indians? He says he is an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation. It's been said that the mark of a great con is detail. David has provided his family tree as proof of his Comanche blood. The trouble is, it's not HIS blood he is listing.

David has also in recent years supported the continued use of Indians as mascots. At first the Whisper just thought he was just misguided and wrong, could it be he was a ringer for the right.

Several columnists recently have presented themselves as independent thinkers to advance conservative positions. Later it was revealed they took money from the Bush administration.

Is David one of these folks?

With the acquittal of Michael Jackson, we are reminded of another person who has altered his face to look like something else. Yeagley has gone through several cosmetic changes to appear more Indian.

Now we understand why he hates Indians: He's not one, and that makes the world a little saner. Later.


David A. Yeagley
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

David A. Yeagley is a white supremacist who poses as a Comanche Indian. He was mistakenly enrolled in the Comanche Nation because the stepmother who adopted him is Comanche. He falsely claims descent from the Comanche leader, Bad Eagle (1839-1909). Comanche elders and members of the tribal government all deny he is actually Comanche. In 2006 Yeagley, his employer David Horowitz, and Front Page magazine used legal threats to try to silence Kiowa activist Cinda Hughes and the Native American Times for revealing his impersonation. Both refused to back down. Hughes stands by her research. The Native American Times issued a statement pointedly refusing to call Yeagley a Comanche, only admitting he was enrolled. Yeagley's enrollment was never the issue, only its validity.

Yeagley was educated at Oberlin, Yale, Emory, Harvard, and the University of Arizona. Famed Cheyenne activist Suzan Harjo referred to him as "a lifer of a student" in her widely read article on him, "A Small and Unworthy Man." His title of doctor is deceptive since he claims expertise in politics, history, and Native cultures. His degree is in music, earning him the nickname among his critics of "the piano doctor." (The other widely used nickname for him is "Michael Jackson" for his effeminate appearance and rumors of having had plastic surgery to "look more Indian.")

Dr. Yeagley taught a single course in humanities for a single semester at the University of Oklahoma. He stirred up controversy by trying to indoctrinate his students with his far right views. Contrary to his false claim that he was fired for being conservative (he is actually a white supemacist), Yeagley was actually let go for repeatedly falsely claiming to speak for the the university. By his own account, his supervisors actually tried to prevent his firing.

An admirer of the brutal dictatorship of the late Shah of Iran, he has published many articles in Persian Heritage Magazine, is on the editorial board of the magazine, and wrote an "epic poem" in honor of the late dictator. In nearly three decades in universities, he has only published a single article, in the Journal of the American Liszt Society. Yeagley is a paid blogger for the Far Right, working for fellow reactionary David Horowitz's FrontPageMagazine.com. He appeared once on Bill O'Reilly. He is widely criticized by not just actual American Indians, but actual conservatives.

Yeagley is a music composer, as well as a performing artist. He falsely claims to be the first American Indian classical composer to release an album of original compositions and the first Indian to write classical music for the American Indian flute. Both have already been accomplished by other Native composers as far back as the 1930s. After criticizing the National Museum of the American Indian as "Communist" and "anti white" Yeagley performed there in 2006 after having friends of his get him on the NMAI musical program, over the objections of actual Native composers.

Though calling himself a conservative, few actual conservatives would agree with that designation. He is a white supremacist who uses American Indian causes and imagery to advance his belief in the superiority of whites over all other races. His forum, Badeagle.com is overwhelmingly made up of whites, including a variety of white supremacists, eugenicists, Neo-Nazis, and other racists (including a small number of self-hating Natives and Blacks.) His own words leave little doubt as to what his beliefs are:

"Superior beauty is in the white race...In the darker races, everything is always the same, dark brown and black a beastly bore."

"These days the white woman is expected to humble herself before the darkie."

"Judeo-Christian religion allowed the European Caucasian race to advance above all other people.The darker races now encroach through integration and intermarriage."

"Maybe Hitler was partially right on 'the hated white race' thing."

"There is a reason for differences. This is to keep the human race separated into smaller groups. Love of race is the only 'saving grace' left in the world."

"Indian men...deserve to be on the bottom of the barrel. They cannot appreciate good will, they are possessed by envy, and have no higher thought than lies."

Note:  Someone has edited this Wikipedia entry since it was first posted.

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