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Find out what PEACE PARTY is all about by watching the YouTube video.

Pages 1-7
An editorial by the Sherman Mining Co.
Llamas (but no Chihuahuas)
Culture and Comics Need Multicultural Perspective
Twisted Footnote to Wounded Knee
The Sacagawea dollar

BONUS!   The script for PP #1...online

A debate on multiculturalism
A dialog between Billy and Drew
NASA and the Navajo
Ben Franklin and Tom Jefferson on Indians
The Story Behind Leonard Peltier
Big Dipper, Great Bear, or...?

Sneak Preview  The next PEACE PARTY!
"A Story for the Ages"  (a PEACE PARTY story for IIIRM)
Top secret pix from our fourth installment!
Top secret pix from our third installment!
"A Day to Remember"  (the PEACE PARTY 9/11 story)
Billy and Drew discuss Native artist Carlos Reynosa
"Indian Spirits Trigger Plague of Snakes"  (best read after PP #2)
Us Against "Them"
Billy and Drew talk about ecological Indians
Billy and Drew's once-a-millennium greeting
Back cover (night-ghost version)

All editions of PEACE PARTY
Author's Forum
Board of Advisors
Letters pages
...and more!

Bonus features
Tribal language and cultural preservation proposal
PEACE PARTY grant proposal
Cast of characters
PEACE PARTY #0 illustrations
Photo references for PEACE PARTY's characters
Scene from a nonexistent PEACE PARTY story
PEACE PARTY political cartoons
Photo gallery of Pueblo country

Such a deal!
Now you know why Paul "Concrete" Chadwick calls PEACE PARTY "very substantial" and says it has "more content than almost any comic out there." And why Michael "Twin Peaks" Horse says PEACE PARTY is "wonderful!"

So what are you waiting for?

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