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Single issues   Order now!
Didn't buy it on the stands when you had the chance? We have PEACE PARTY #1 and #2 (and photocopies of PEACE PARTY #0, if you're really curious) available. Professors, teachers, and librarians, ask for our educational discount. Available while supplies last.

Our stock of PEACE PARTY #1 and #2 (first edition—a collectors' item) is almost gone, so we've had to raise the price to $4.95. To save money, you may order a photocopy of PEACE PARTY #1 or #2 for $2.95. The photocopied PEACE PARTY #0 is still $2.95. Comics are mailed flat in plastic bags with cardboard backing, and autographed on request.

You also have the option of getting PEACE PARTY #1 and #2 (but not #0) on CD. The price for both is $2.95.


The best books by and about Native Americans as selected by visitors to BlueCornComics.com. Sure to be entertaining and enlightening because our readers say so.

The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven—Alexie
Reservation Blues—Alexie
Custer Died for Your Sins—Deloria
Red Earth, White Lies—Deloria
Reinventing the Enemy's Language—Harjo and Bird
Indian Killer—Alexie
The Grass Dancer—Power
Black Elk Speaks—Neihardt
Where White Men Fear to Tread—Means and Wolf
Lame Deer:  Seeker of Visions—Fire, et al.
The Business of Fancydancing:  Stories and Poems—Alexie
House Made of Dawn—Momaday
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee—Brown
God Is Red:  A Native View of Religion—Deloria
500 Nations—Josephy
A Sorrow in Our Heart:  The Life of Tecumseh—Eckert
Almanac of the Dead:  A Novel—Silko
Love Medicine—Erdrich
A Yellow Raft in Blue Water—Dorris
Indian Givers—Weatherford
In the Spirit of Crazy Horse—Mattheissen
She Had Some Horses—Harjo
Prison Writings:  My Life Is My Sun Dance—Peltier, et al.
Stone Song:  A Novel of the Life of Crazy Horse—Blevins
That Dark and Bloody River—Eckert
Panther in the Sky—Thom

Plus some of Rob's favorite Native-themed books:

Pigs in Heaven—Kingsolver
Pastwatch:  The Redemption of Christopher Columbus—Card
Ancient America—Muench
Into the Heart—Good
Trail of the Spanish Bit—Coldsmith
The Face-Changers (Jane Whitefield novel)—Perry
The Truth About Stories—King
Animal Dreams—Kingsolver
1812: The Rivers of War—Eric Flint
Native America:  Arts, Traditions, and Celebrations—Mather
Coyote Blue—Moore
Hunting Badger—Hillerman
Treasures of the Hopi—Bassman
Sky Woman Falling—Mitchell
Playing Indian—Deloria
The Indian Lawyer—Welch
The North American Indian—Curtis

And a few of Rob's favorite Native-themed graphic novels and trade paperbacks:

The New Mutants:  The Demon Bear Saga
Comanche Moon
Muktuk Wolfsbreath
Sitting Bull:  The Life of a Lakota Chief
Lucifer:  Devil in the Gateway
Native Heart

And non-Native graphic novels and trade paperbacks as well:

Dark Knight Returns

For a long list of books by and about Natives, go to The Best Indian Books.


The best movies by and about Native Americans as selected by Rob and the visitors to BlueCornComics.com (in no particular order):

Smoke Signals
The Broken Chain
Lakota Woman—Seige at Wounded Knee
Tecumseh:  The Last Warrior
Dance Me Outside
Broken Arrow
Where the Spirit Lives
Dances with Wolves (Special Extended Edition)
Powwow Highway
The Dark Wind
Incident at Oglala—The Leonard Peltier Story
Rabbit-Proof Fence
The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat)
Whale Rider
The Education of Little Tree
The Business of Fancydancing
The Last of the Mohicans
Squanto:  A Warrior's Tale
Little Big Man
Brother Bear
The Emerald Forest
Windwalker (Special Edition)
Dead Man
The Indian in the Cupboard

For an almost-complete list of movies by and about Natives, go to The Best Indian Movies.


Posters   Go now!
Hundreds of posters by and about Native Americans. From old prints of Caitlin and Remington paintings to classic photographs to modern paintings by Gorman and Silversmith. Check them out at AllPosters.com.

Mini-posters   Order now!
Enjoy the graphic artwork people are calling "impressive." The full-color front is guaranteed to brighten any room. The black-and-white back shows our heroes' genesis (from PEACE PARTY #1) and tells the philosophy of Blue Corn Comics.

Only 95 cents each. 8½" x 11" on glossy stock. Mailed flat.

PowerPoint presentations   Order now!
Discover the history and theory behind Native-themed comics with these two professional presentations. One is "A History of Natives in Comics"; the other is "Hercules vs. Coyote: Native and American Comics." Gail Stavitsky, chief curator of the Montclair Art Museum, calls these presentations "informative" and "excellent."

Only $2.95 each. Shipped via CD.

Radio interview   Order now!
Learn the story behind PEACE PARTY with this CD-based interview. Listen as publisher Rob Schmidt and Cherokee advisor Steve Russell give the inside scoop on where PEACE PARTY came from, what makes it unique, and where it's going. An entertaining look at why PEACE PARTY is the story of the millennium.

Only $1.95 each. Playing time is 20 minutes.

Arrowheads   Order now!
Get a genuine Indian-style keepsake to complement your Indian-style comic book. Each arrowhead is made of obsidian and hand-carved in Mexico. (An expert supposedly can carve one of these in two minutes.) Makes a great conversation starter, stocking stuffer, or lucky charm.

Only 45 cents each. Approx. 1" long and safe for kids—as long as they don't eat them. Not suitable for actual bow-and-arrowing.

Indian articles   Order now!
Rob's other writings on Native Americans. Includes "The Rain Gods Aren't Listening" (The World & I), "Indian Beliefs Still Separate and Unequal" (Oakland Post), "The Whitest Place on Earth?" (LA Reader), "We're All the Same, Only Different Stereotypes" (Indian Country Today), and "Pocahontas: Fact or Fiction?" (American Indian Review).

Only 95 cents for the set of five.

Magnets: Robot Mangler   Order now!
Rob's first published comic book (PEACE PARTY #1 is his second) is a rib-tickling parody of MAGNUS: ROBOT FIGHTER. It's a comic so hard to find that we have to sell photocopies. If you like Rob's philosophical bent and, more important, his wicked sense of humor, you'll like this. One satisfied customer said, "WOW. Best Magnus parody ever. Brilliant."

Only $1.45 each. A 23-page, high-quality copy as good as the B&W comic itself. Includes two pages of the original script. Signed by the author.

More Indian comics   Order now!
Get NFL SUPERPRO #6, perhaps the most stereotypical comic about Indians since 1990. This comic was so controversial that the Hopi reservation closed its ceremonies to outsiders after its publication. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll see how bad a Native-themed comic can be.

Only $9.95 each (because of its rarity). All comics are in fine or better condition and come bagged.

Get A HERO'S VOICE and DREAMS OF LOOKING UP, two full-color comics from the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. The stories feature realistic, modern-day Indian children getting in touch with their Ojibwe roots.

Only $1.95 each. All comics are in fine or better condition and come bagged.

Get NATIVE HEART, Robby McMurtry's graphic novel about Cherokee folk hero Ned Christie. The best Native graphic novel I've seen in years.

Only $9.95 each.

Classic comics   Order now!
Enjoy great comics from Marvel and other publishers. John Byrne's FANTASTIC FOUR. Walt Simonson's THOR. An X-MEN ANNUAL. John Byrne or Frank Miller on WHAT IF? Jim Starlin's DREADSTAR. SOMERSET HOLMES by Brent Anderson (of ASTRO CITY fame). Guaranteed to be a good read.

Only 95 cents each. All comics are in fine or better condition and come bagged. Specify a title or let us pick one for you.

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Full disclosure
Blue Corn Comics is owned and operated by Rob Schmidt, a non-Native writer who specializes in Native and multicultural issues. Also worth noting:

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