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Photo Gallery

With the exceptions noted, Rob Schmidt took most of the photos on this page. They're copyrighted by Rob Schmidt.

To prove we've researched PEACE PARTY, here are the actual locations where events in issues #1-2 took place:


Hopi and Navajo country
Hopi, Big Mountain, and Navajo Nation (Annmarie Sauer, 1998-2000)

Hopi Partitioned Land
Pix of Hopi Partitioned Land (Marc Daems, Summer 2001)

Black Mesa
The Hopi Project (Hart Williams)

Navajo Nation
Roadside stands on SR 64 west of Cameron
Sweatlodges at Navajo National Monument
McKinley coal mine on SR 264 near Window Rock

Pueblo country
The first two links present my panoramic pix of Pueblo country (Apr. 3-13, 1996):

Eastern Pueblos
Eastern Pueblo photos

Western Pueblos
Western Pueblo photos

Pueblo galleries
Hopi, Hopi Pueblo
Zuni, Zuni Pueblo
Acoma, Acoma Pueblo
Laguna Pueblo
Isleta, Isleta Pueblo
Sandia Pueblo
Santa Ana Pueblo
Zia Pueblo
Jemez Pueblo
San Felipe Pueblo
Cochiti Pueblo
Santo Domingo Pueblo
Tesuque Pueblo
Pojoaque, Pojoaque Pueblo
Nambe Pueblo
San Juan Pueblo
Santa Clara Pueblo
San Ildefonso Pueblo
Picuris, Picuris Pueblo
Taos Pueblo

Native New Mexico
Shonie visits Running Indian
Pix of the Retired film shoot

Related galleries
Hillerman on the Southwest
Southwest Web Ring
Southwest American Indian Ruins
Southwest ruins, landscapes, etc.

Ancestral Puebloan ("Anasazi") country
Shots from my trip to Colorado and back, June 27-July 6, 2007:

Panoramic pix of Colorado trip
Colorado trip pix (Day 10)
Colorado trip pix (Day 9)
Colorado trip pix (Day 8)
Colorado trip pix (Day 7)
Colorado trip pix (Day 6)
Colorado trip pix (Day 5)
Colorado trip pix (Day 4)
Colorado trip pix (Day 3)
Colorado trip pix (Day 2)
Colorado trip pix (Day 1)

O'odham country
Shots from my trip to Tucson and Phoenix, Oct. 14-20, 2000:

Pix of Tohono O'odham country

California Indian country

Mission San Juan Capistrano
Pix of Juaneño Indian country

Indian casinos
Pix of the Pechanga golf course
Indian casinos

Indian gaming--National Indian Gaming Association
More pix from NIGA
Pix of NIGA 2008
Pix of my Phoenix trip
At the Indian gaming convention

Indian gaming--Western Indian Gaming Conference
Pix of the 2008 WIGC
Pix of the 2007 WIGC

Indian gaming--Global Gaming Expo
G2E photos

Related pictures
Pechanga's Great Oak
Chumash reservation in Santa Ynez before casino (Los Angeles Times)

Related galleries
Rock Art Pages

First Americans in the Arts
Pix of the 2008 FAITA awards
More FAITA pix
Pix of the FAITA ceremony

Native Voices at the Autry
Pix of Teaching Disco
Pix of The Berlin Blues

The Berlin Blues

Creative Spirit
Creative Spirit photos

Pacific Coast Indian country (November 2005)
Road trip to Northern California/Oregon/Washington

Indian country--east
Pix of New Jersey
Pix of my trip to Indianapolis

Maya country
Pix of Maya country

Other galleries
Pix of Hillside Memorial Park
Indian mascots

Still more images
Photo references for characters
Blue Corn Comics graphics

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