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The Fans Speak

"I have one of these comix, they are great! Really inspired my young daughter"—Wikiump
"Thanks for the comic books. Wow. Very impressive"—Mark Trahant (Shoshone-Bannock), editorial page editor, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
"Loved the Peace Party comics, by the way. Glad to buy them and support the effort"—Chris Miller
"Very good and very much off the beaten path as far as 'classic comics' go"—Robert Sanchez
"It has come to my attention that two of the coolest comics out...that revolve around native culture are Peace Party and Tribal Force"—Michael Allen
"Thank you so much. I loved your work"—Nathan Leamy
"Seriously, I think your comics are a great idea, bringing your disillusioned youth back to some awareness of their proud past"—Don Smith
"What a great idea the Peace Party is"—Sandy Frost (Athabascan), newspaper editor and journalist
"I read the two copies of Peace Party....They're kick butt"—Nicolette Gudith, Barefoot Connections
"I love what you're doing"—Barbara Kingsolver, author
"Stereotype-free, empowering and full of positive images of Native people"—Arigon Starr (Kickapoo/Creek)
"I just received the comics books and they are great!"—Barbara Gray (Mohawk)
"I'm impressed with the range of issues covered and the quality of the images"—Dave Edmunds, IIIRM
"I liked the books very much"—John Robbins
"I love the Peace Party comics"—Annmarie Sauer, writer and translator, Belgium
"Wow!! Great comics, Mr. Schmidt!!"—Lindbergh Namingha (Hopi), chairman, NAAOG
"It is GREAT stuff"—Elaine Raper (Cherokee/Creek), publisher, Country Road Chronicles
"I like the comic"—Keith Secola (Anishinabe), singer and songwriter, "NDN Kars"
"Thanks for the first and second edition of PEACE PARTY"—Casper (Hopi/Diné), musician
"They're beautiful"—Victor Rocha (Pechanga), Web publisher, PECHANGA.net
"PEACE PARTY is inspirational, educational, and revolutionary"—Blackfire (Diné), musicians
"I like the package, the artwork is very competent and I like your writing"—L.A. Merritt, magazine editor
"[I am] absolutely enthralled!! Some of the best reading material I have seen"—Jake Hoff
"You do a GREAT job (and a much needed one)"—Sandra Deacon (Pocumtuck Proper)
"I laughed out loud"—Anne Thundercloud (Ho-Chunk), senior staff writer, Hocak Worak
"Everyone who saw it raved about it"—Gina Boltz, Editor, Native Village
"Great stuff!"—Ruben Chavez (Hispanic/Native American), comic book illustrator
"REALLY enjoyed it"—Jan R. Taylor, businesswoman
"Thank you for spreading a friendly, inspiring word of thought"—Daniel Fritz
"PEACE PARTY has my respect and admiration"—Carlos Reynosa (Mexica/Yaqui/Cherokee), musician and artist
"The cultural benefit is tremendous!"—Joseph Riverwind (Taino) PC technician/Web designer
"You did an awesome job"—Tracee McCreary, public relations, Barcole Foundation
"The pages of Peace Party...define 'cosmic' and 'sense of wonder'—Todd Luck
"I'm not the normal comic reader, but 'Peace Party' sounded so different"—Sandie Shapiro
"I am truly enjoying reading and re-reading your publications"—Donald Hale
"My kids loved it!"—Rose Martell, Webmaster for actor Rodney Grant
"Wonderful!"—Michael Horse (Mescalero Apache/Zuni/Yaqui), artist and actor, Twin Peaks and Roswell
"I am 48 and really appreciate the content of your stories and articles"—Nishka Swift
"Peace Party #2 rocks!!!"—Dee Pinkney (Creole/Indian), writer
"Thanks again for your efforts and art. You've really made a great contribution"—Jeanette Sartain
"It's 'bout time. No more cowboys and Indians"—Paola Delso (Mestiza), Chihuahua fancier
"I...am actually excited to get ahold of your book!"—Todd Auvil (Cherokee), electronics technician
"Love it"—Kara Briggs (Yakama), Past president, Native American Journalists Association
"The most creative comic ever made symbolizing our people"—Eileen George (Choctaw)
"I...was very impressed not only by the artwork, but [by] the message you present...."—Russell Coker (Seminole)
"Well worth my money and then some!"—Janice Johnson, Certified Computer Professional
"The coolest thing I have seen in a long time...[I]ssue #1 had a lot of soul to it"—Jeff Wood
"It was a revelation to see an intelligent, thought-provoking comic book—Gladys Miller-Rosenstein

More takes on the comics

  • I think you are the only comic book artist in America to address this issue [stereotyping] rationally. I can't WAIT! I'm going to pump that comic BIG TIME!!! I work in a Catholic School in Harlem, I might just bring it and have the children read it.
  • Please keep me informed!

    Good Luck!

    Jennifer YBFREE.com (8/10/02)

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