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Indian Comics Irregular

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Published 1-2 times a month. Average length is 500 words, or a couple of screens' worth. We keep it brief because we know you're busy.

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Johnny Depp as Tonto

What you've missed so far
213:  Romney:  47% Are Moochers
212:  GOP Convention Ignores Indians
211:  Selling the Sacred Pe' Sla Site
210:  Warren and Depp, Wannabes
209:  Americans Occupy Turtle Island
208:  Urban Outfitters' Fashion Failure
207:  Cowboys, Indians, and Aliens
206:  Irish Showband and Callaloo Too
205:  US Announces "Geronimo-E KIA"
204:  Native Population Holds Steady
203:  Frybread Queen a Tasty Treat
202:  Fischer's Pro-Genocide Column
201:  Hate Speech Leads to Hate Acts
200:  From Sex Objects to Victims
199:  Headdresses for Heritage Month
198:  Columbus Sinks, Comics Soar
197:  Movies Hire Alaska Natives
196:  Cowboys 'n' Terrorists in NYC
195:  Seeking Minorities at Comic-Con
194:  White Actors in Asian Airbender
193:  Arizona Targets Latinos, Indians
192:  Cameron Embraces Activism
191:  Indigenous Themes in Avatar
190:  New Moon Shines on Wolf Pack
189:  A Month of Native-Themed Trips
188:  The New Age Death Lodge
187:  No Gold for National Treasure 2
186:  BBs, Basterds, and Boo-Boos
185:  Using Indians for Fun and Profit
184:  From Massasoit to Geronimo
183:  We Shall Remain a Success
182:  White Men Love Their Mascots
181:  Rolling the Dice with Cashing In
180:  A Spoonful of Sugar in Dr. Quinn
179:  Indians at Obama's Inauguration
178:  Dressing Up for Turkey Day
177:  Robinson Crusoe and Twilight
176:  (Mis)casting Depp as Tonto
175:  Mile Post 398 Is a Milestone
174:  Frozen River and The Exiles
173:  (Northern) Natives Do the Bard
172:  Redskin Magazine Sells Out
171:  Crystal Skulls and Stereotypes
170:  Fun for All at the FAITA Awards
169:  The State of the Native Arts
168:  The Biggest Stories of 2007
167:  Indians Take Tinseltown
166:  Comanches, Kids, and Kuzco
165:  More of the Last of the Mohicans
164:  Reflecting at the Montclair
163:  Graham Greene, Shakespearean
162:  SCALPED and the Savage Trend
161:  Native Comics from Up North
160:  Sex, Scheming, and Survival
159:  CSI: Miami Butchers Indians
158:  Indigenous Movies on the Move
157:  The (Native) Play's the Thing
156:  Bury the Truth in Wounded Knee
155:  From the Eiteljorg to Ecuador
154:  Pathfinder Loses Its Way
153:  Critics Pounce on Prey
152:  Gun, Brave, and The Warchiefs
151:  All About Indians in Comics
150:  Magic, Murder, and Mayhem
149:  The Death-Dealing Maya
148:  Gibson's Buckets of Blood
147:  Beach Buzz Raises Flags
146:  Tantalizing TV Tidbits
145:  Journals Follows Fast Runner
144:  Mad Mel's Upcoming Apocalypto
143:  Slam Dunk and Strike Out
142:  COMANCHE MOON Rises to Top
141:  Reality Bites Native Actors
140:  Comics Good for Your Health
139:  Black Cloud Has Silver Linings
138:  Spear's Point Is Obvious
137:  Casino Shark on Veronica Mars
136:  New World, Old Myth
135:  Media Creates Misperceptions
134:  Captain America, Indian Hero
133:  Johnston's Better Is Best of 2005
132:  Rascally Rabbit and Bear Paws
131:  A Christmas Full of Cheer
129:  Graphic Nonfiction:  Sitting Bull
128:  Teaching Through Time Travel
127:  Gaming Clichés in Pulp Fiction
126:  Into the Archetypal West
125:  PEACE PARTY vs. Toxic Waste
124:  Indians and Comics vs. Progress
123:  Red Lake Tragedy:  Culture Kills
122:  Stereotypes Are MIA at the NMAI
121:  The Feel-Good National Museum
120:  The Worst Native Problem
119:  The Best (Only) Native Character
118:  Rockin' with Haida Manga
117:  Rolling in CLOVERLEAF
116:  Filmmakers and "the Other"
115:  "Tobias" and Little Ms. Moffett
114:  Hillerman Movies Miss the Mark
113:  The Wonder of Wonderfalls
112:  Smallville's Human Sacrifice
111:  No Natives Found in TV Study
110:  Hidalgo the Horse Hoax
109:  Sex Sells in WILDE KNIGHT
108:  The OutKast Outrage
107:  Koda the Didactic Warrior
106:  Dreamkeeper Keeps the Faith
105:  Pop Icons Don't Include Indians
104:  Best and Worst Strips of 2003
103:  Voodoo Villain Hurts The Missing
102:  A Bearable Brother Bear
101:  Star Trek Voyager:  Chakotay
100:  The Terminator vs. the Tribes
  99:  Our Super Friend Apache Chief
  98:  Fun 'n' Son in SPIRIT & IMAGE
  97:  South Park:  "Red Man's Greed"
  96:  The Lone Ranger, WB-Style
  95:  INDIAN SUMMER or Bummer?
  94:  On the Fly with Screaming Eagle
  93:  Aztecs Rule in Gate of Worlds
  92:  Mauldin's Antiwar Indian Willie
  91:  Sterling Supports Sovereignty
  90:  Smallville's Super-Indians
  89:  SKINWALKER Defies Taboos
  88:  Leaphorn and Chee Do Public TV
  87:  Redeye, For Better or For Worse
  86:  Skins:  Clichés or Reality?
  85:  Hippos, Pirates, and Indians
  84:  More Loony Native 'Toons
  83:  The Fast Runner Wins the Race
  82:  "Reading Red," Seeing Red
  81:  Windtalkers:  No Guts, No Glory
  80:  Spirit and the Noble Savage
  79:  Conan's Cousin ARAK
  78:  Minorities at the Oscars
  77:  The Indian-Oz Connection
  76:  The 411 on Natives in 9-11
  75:  Thunderbird the Shaman
  74:  Of Martial Arts and Mothman
  73:  Bizarro and Boffo Cartoons
  72:  Spider-Man Meets Spider People
  71:  "True Path," False Piety
  70:  "The Indians in the Lobby"
  69:  Imagine Multicultural Comics
  68:  Memo to Hollywood:  Get Real
  67:  Howling over Wolf Lake
  66:  Spitting on Native Warriors?
  65:  Terrorism:  US Against "Them"
  64:  Giving Up PEACE ON EARTH
  63:  Superman vs. the Mexica
  62:  Adolf Hitler:  A True American
  61:  The Princess and the Peabrains
  60:  "I Wouldn't Want to Marry One"
  59:  Mark Twain, Indian Hater
  58:  The Frito Bandito Lives!
  57:  Unfunny Sunday Funnies
  56:  Comic Books, R.I.P.?
  55:  Why Spawn Isn't Black
  54:  Fill-in-the-Blank Heroes
  53:  Suicide Is Painful (to Admit)
  52:  The Amazing Amazon Boy
  51:  X-Men:  All-New or Same-Old?
  50:  McFarlane Does the Wild Things
  49:  Stan the Man Bites the Bullet
  48:  New Groove Plays New Tune
  47:  What Makes Great Literature
  46:  Media Violence Then and Now
  45:  Ten Little Pilgirms and Indians
  44:  Japanese vs. American Comics
  43:  Apaches on the Warpath
  42:  Scouting Tim Truman's SCOUT
  41:  Wonder Woman, Cultural Icon?
  40:  Christian Indian Comics Online
  39:  Time to Talk'um Tonto
  38:  Superdoings South of the Border
  37:  Racism Persists on TV
  36:  The Patriot Games
  35:  "Cherokee Hair Tampons"
  34:  SNL Spoofs Indians Well
  33:  Plain Speaking About Plainsman
  32:  Wingfooting It with Wyatt
  31:  Natives Sing It Their Way
  30:  Conquest Rules, X-Files Drools
  29:  Howard Stern, Son of a Beach
  28:  Road to El Dorado:  Fool's Gold
  27:  From Tonto to Turok:  Not Far
  26:  Why So Many Cheyenne?
  25:  Pocahontas II:  Flawed Again
  24:  Natives in the (Comics) News
  23:  Bulls Won with an Indian Assist
  22:  Hysteria over Histeria
  21:  TOTEMS Misuses Native Belief
  20:  SAGUARRIOR Pins Villainy
  19:  Pokémon:  American Nightmare
  18:  What the Surgeon General Found
  17:  Pointing Fingers at Violence
  16:  Media Images Harm Children
  15:  B.C. Uses Tired, Old Stereotypes
  14:  Ojibwe Heroes Don't Wear Capes
  13:  A Boy and His Mammoth
  12:  ARSENAL Takes Aim at Navajo
  11:  Stereotypes:  Phantom Menace
  10:  Powerful Images at the Autry
    9:  Native Americans 1, NFL 0
    8:  Cartoons Improve on Minorities
    7:  Indians Suffer Worst Violence
    6:  First Americans Receive Awards
    5:  Heather Locklear Revealed
    4:  Amerindian Books Reviewed
    3:  Minorities Missing from TV
    2:  The Truth About Thanksgiving
    1:  Animaniacs Stereotypes Indians

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