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Indians as Cannibals

JACKPOT #8 FunPic One of the worst things you can accuse a culture of is cannibalism. Europeans often applied this charge to Indians—most often the Aztecs. Historian Gary B. Nash explains why this occurred:

The evidence also suggests that the English stereotype of the hostile savage helped assuage a sense of guilt which inevitably arose when men whose culture was based on the concept of private property embarked on a program to dispossess another people of their land. To type-cast the Indian as a brutish savage was to solve a moral dilemma. If the Indian was truly cordial, generous, and eager to trade, what justification could there be for taking his land? But if he was a savage, without religion or culture, perhaps the colonists' actions were defensible

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Pirates depicts Caribs as savage, incomprehensible cannibals
FunPic features baby "Indians" roasting "explorer" in a pot
Europeans wanted only to civilize cannibalistic Indian "thugs"
Columnist:  Aztec "dining habits" involved eating hearts

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