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Native Documentaries and News

Selected nonfiction movies and TV shows about indigenous people.

Movie Year Rating
Navajo Squaw Weaving Blankets 1903
Nanook of the North 1922 x.x
The Silent Enemy 1930
The Exiles 1961 9.0
Broken Rainbow 1985
Incident at Oglala 1992 7.0
The Native Americans  [TV] 1994 x.x
500 Nations  [TV] 1995 x.x
Lost Civilizations  [TV] 1995
The Mystery of the Maya 1996
The West  [TV] 1996
A Place Called Chiapas 1998
In Whose Honor? 2000
Alcatraz Is Not an Island  [TV] 2002 x.x
True Whispers  [TV] 2002
Little Bighorn Remembered  [TV] 2003 7.0
Cowboys and Indians: The Killing of J.J. Harper 2004
If the Weather Permits 2004
Conquest of America 2005
Eagle Blue 2006
The Tailenders  [TV] 2006 6.5
The Canary Effect 2006
Waterbuster 2006 8.0
Indian Pride  [TV] 2007 6.5
Pocahontas Revealed  [TV] 2007 x.x
Standing Silent Nation  [TV] 2007
Arctic Son  [TV] 2007
Miss Navajo 2007
Way of the Warrior  [TV] 2007
Maria Tallchief  [TV] 2007
Water Flowing Together 2007
Weaving Worlds 2007
Doomsday 2012  [TV] 2008 6.0
Our Spirits Don't Speak English 2008 8.0
Native Nations:  Standing Together  [TV] 2008 7.5
March Point 2008

Native documenataries in Newspaper Rock
Native documentaries

More on Native film documentaries
A roundup of links on Native documentaries and videos, filmmakers who make such films, and film festivals and websites that feature them.

March Point video
The making of March Point
Swinomish film on refineries' impact
The making of Native Nations: Standing Together
Review of Native Nations: Standing Together
Germans film Pilgrims in Salem
Documentary on renewable Native energy
Kohler explores Klamath struggles
Battling for Homeland security
Film on Kootenai conflict
Awards for Rich Heape docs
Documentary about Brooklyn's Mohawks
Radio documentary on Alutiiq masks
Surui fight back with film, Google
If Only I Were Indian
Video on Potawatomi basket weaving
Havasupai star in IMAX film
Looking for Ms. Locklear
Oneida produces documentaries
From documentaries to feature films
Red Lake students make films
When Your Hands Are Tied
Another boarding-school video
Our Spirits Don't Speak English
Transforming California Indians
Red-Horse's codetalker film
Election Day at Pine Ridge
Return of Return of Navajo Boy
The Battle for Whiteclay
Navajo Spirit Warriors
Documentary on Navajo weaving
Unrepentent claims disputed
White Shamans at film fest
The Jock Soto story
4-star Ioway documentary
Palm Springs film lineup
Native films in Palm Springs
Lennon produces Aboriginal film
Another codetalker documentary
Washington teens make films
Next generation of filmmakers
Abenaki documentarian recognized
Lapland focuses on Native movies
Massacre movie wins award
Documentary on Old Hickory
Fifteen on the cutting edge
NAPT shares Native stories
Using film to fight feds
Documentary on sacred sites
Ballet film says Indians can do anything
Two months till empowerment
The five ballerinas
Cherokee Emissaries of Peace
Miss Navajos butcher sheep
Beauty pageant = female pride
Two ballet-dancer bios
A gut-punch for Granny
Documentary on original Iowans
Film festival includes superhero
Sitting Bull the cable commentator
Chumash filmmaker keeps knocking
Smart Native lasses and lad
Mountain Meadows massacre movie
Shirley laughs at D.C. Navajo
Navajos try to censor satire?
Super Size Me in reverse
Another documentary on wise Indians
Codetalker doc in the works
Film about quadriplegic horse trainer
Palm Springs film festival
Red, white, or...?
Film doings in Alaska
Payback, Inuit style

More on Native TV documentaries
A roundup of links on Native documentaries and news reports that first appeared on TV. Includes broadcast and Internet-based TV.

Review of Life After People
America's First Nations video
Infuriated at Discovery Channel
NWIN on cable TV
Another YouTube for Natives
Original Patriots on TV
Heritage month on PBS
Sins of the City explored
National Indian Lutheran documentary
Wampanoags produce cable news
White Wolf's Native View
A modern-day Oņate
Monument to a murderer
Reaction to Navajo 30 Days
Spurlock's 30 Days in a hogan
30 Days on Navajo rez
Mayan TV
TV show kills Indians
Yeagley slammed for racist film
Native Report on TV
Frontline USA features Indians
Review of Doomsday 2012
Hatter Fox news
Rez Chef on TV
Review of Little Bighorn Remembered
Racist Swedish documentary
More on Tulalip TV
First national tribal network
The Way of the Warrior
More about NorthWest Indian News
Tulalip television
"Nimrod Nation" features Native
This month on PBS
Alaska Native television channel
Pechanga documentary on TV
Native version of The War
NATV meets NorthWest Indian News
Last One Standing
Review of The War
"Arctic Son" isn't expressive
"Arctic Son" trailer
Dr. Behn, Medicine Woman
Gwitchin story on POV
Standing Silent Nation on PBS
Indian added to The War
NATV only months away
NATV is coming
Burns and Americans ignore West
Indians edited into The War
More on Pocahontas Revealed
NOVA lays Pocahontas bare
Burns skipped Native soldiers
Followup from American Indian TV
Broadband IP TV is coming
Public TV busts stereotypes
Another Native TV network

This syndicated TV series on youth activism aired in 2008 and featured Natives prominently. Some links on the subject:

Review of 4Real Pawnee
Cameron Diaz, revolutionary
Videos of 4Real Peru
Review of 4Real Peru
4Real's good intentions
4Real visits Natives

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The best Indian movies
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