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Quileute Werewolves in Twilight

Taylor Lautner

A roundup of links on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series of YA novels and the movie based on them:

Twilight fan dislikes negative comments
Flashback in Twilight movie
Another non-Native to play Jacob?
Lautner out of Twilight movie?
Liberal Potter vs. conservative Twilight
Why Breaking Dawn sucks
Indian portion of Twilight movie
Responses to Twilight movie posting
Taylor Lautner in My Own Worst Enemy
Twilight movie premieres
Meyer's unconscious racism
Jacob Black, pedophile?
Who rules the Quileutes?
Genuine Quileute lore
The problem with Quileute werewolves
The source for Chief Kaheleha
Twilight vs. Quileute legends
Gil Birmingham as Billy Black
The origin of Twilight's werewolves
More on Lautner the "Native"
Twilight reshoots include Quileutes
Twilight's missed opportunity
Founding Fathers love Twilight
Jacob Black's final fate
Noble savages in Twilight
Twilight readers forget Quileutes
Twilight tours in Quileute country
White vampire yes, Indian werewolf no
Non-Native cast as Quileute werewolf
Stereotypes in the Twilight series
Quileutes and werewolves
Vampire romance novels
An Indian-vampire pact

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