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Native Videos and Cartoons

Raccoon & Crawfish and other Oneida cartoons
Animation enthralls audience
Raccoon & Crawfish at the FAITA awards
Four Directions does animation
Acclaim for Raccoon & Crawfish
Oneida film at "American Cannes"
Oneida animated short debuts
Oneida animated short to debut
Preserving culture in 3D
Oneida animators going strong
Cartoon legends of the Oneida

Raven Tales
Kudos for Raven Tales
Al Jazeera plays Aboriginal cartoons?
Raven Tales:  Bald Eagle
Raving about Raven Tales
Raven Tales takes wing

Other videos
Native American Tube
Another racist video
Highly Defective People and their videos

Traditional cartoons
These cartoons generally appeared in movies theaters first and then on television. Since they're similar to today's videos, they're included here rather than in movies or TV. (For full-length animated shows such as The Simpsons, see TV Shows Featuring Indians.)

Irene Bedard as Jean DeWolff
Vavoom in Felix the Cat
Bugs Bunny in A Feather in His Hare
Warner Bros. cartoons featuring Indians
Merrie Melodies insulted Inuit
Good article on racist cartoons
Tex Avery's racist cartoon
Little Hiawatha:  Another cute li'l Indian
Gumby does Hopi
The Adventures of Pow Wow, the Indian Boy:  An old-time Indian cartoon
The Superman Indian cartoon

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