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First Americans in the Arts

From FirstAmericans.org:

First Americans in the Arts (FAITA) is a non-profit organization created to recognize, honor and promote American Indian participation in the powerful arena of the entertainment industry, incorporating the areas of film, television, music and theater. FAITA presents an annual award ceremony recognizing outstanding achievement, performances and contribution by and to the Native American Indian entertainment community.

Annual Awards

  • Serving as the principal fund-raiser for FAITA, awarded to students pursuing careers in the area of film, television, theater and music.
  • Garnering industry-wide support, creating an alliance between the Hollywood entertainment industry and Native American Indian entertainment community, and continuing to increase communications, understanding and awareness.
  • Recognizing outstanding performances, encouraging excellence and honoring our community and culture.
  • I began attending the annual ceremonies with the fourth one and haven't missed one since. Here are some postings on them:

    FAITA 2008
    Giving First Americans their due
    Pix of the 2008 FAITA awards
    Submissions for the FAITA awards
    Puzzling over the FAITA awards
    Tribute at the FAITA awards
    Raccoon & Crawfish at the FAITA awards
    Entertainment at the FAITA awards
    Humor at the FAITA awards
    Winners of the 2008 FAITA awards

    FAITA 2007
    Governor's office responds to FAITA article
    How FAITA got started
    More FAITA pix
    The FAITA award ceremony
    Pix of the FAITA ceremony
    FAITA video on Fox
    FAITA press release
    Preview of FAITA ceremony

    FAITA 2002
    Stars Shine at First Americans Awards

    Full disclosure:  On occasion I've helped FAITA with its website and other matters.

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