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You've read comics that award a prize for a lettercol title. That is so picayune. At Blue Corn Comics, we offer not one...not two...but five contests. We'll award a prize worth at least $1.00 (!) if you do any of the following:

1) Name the letters column
You know the drill. Victory goes to the best name, and a tie goes to the first submission.

Don't expect to get far with anything involving "teepee," "tom-tom," or "smoke signals." And any name with "war" is automatically disqualified. Think modern Native American and clever word play if you want a chance.

But that's not all. If you come up with a name we like for any of our departments—the Author's Forum, Subscriptions and Other Goodies, Cool Resource Page, etc.—you'll get a prize. That also applies to new features still to come.

2) Bring in a subscriber
We're counting on you to spread the word. Any time you persuade someone to buy a subscription, you'll win. Just have the subscriber note your name and address and we'll send you something.

3) Write the best letter
Each issue the crème de la crème will emerge victorious. Note that effusive praise won't get you anywhere. We aim to have the most challenging and critical letter page around. Controversy sells.

Of course, the ideal approach is constructive criticism laced with thoughtful understanding and deep appreciation of PEACE PARTY's themes. Provide that and you'll win early and often.

4) Find a mistake
At Blue Corn Comics we aim for 100% perfection—zero defects. Point out an error and you'll receive a real prize, not a no-prize. Any mistake, no matter how small, will qualify.

But to succeed, you'll have to find a real goof, not an apparent one. If a guy's tie is dark in one panel and light in the next, that might be a trick of the light. If there's a plausible explanation for something, you may assume it's true. To win you'll have to find something incontrovertibly wrong.

5) Recruit a sponsor
Many organizations could benefit from PEACE PARTY. Just imagine how groups could be used to promote Native American culture, multiculturalism, nonstereotypical thinking, nonviolent conflict resolution, progressive politics and social causes, education, language skills, and reading.

If you can identify a sponsor or patron of the (comic book) arts, we'll give you something besides a cheap prize: a lifetime subscription to PEACE PARTY. In comic book terms, you can't win much more than that.

Such a deal!
There you have it. An unprecedented five chances for you to win. If any comic book is trying harder to earn your loyalty, we'd like to see it.

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