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Cast of Characters

A list of PEACE PARTY's characters, with tribal affiliations (if any), brief descriptions, and stories they appeared in (if any).

Main characters
Billy Honanie (Hopi/Tewa/other)—brooding, intellectual lawyer.  Also known as Rain Falling.  #0-up.
Drew Quyatt (Hopi/Tewa/other)—animated, undisciplined artist.  Also known as Snake Standing.  #0-up.
Oliver Gee (Navajo)—uncompromising political activist, Billy and Drew's best friend.  #0-1, 2 (addendum), 3, 5.
Chack Namoki (Hopi)—religious leader, farmer, Drew's clan godfather.  #1, 2 (addendum), 3-5.
Pearl Masayesva (Hopi)—school teacher, volunteer for social programs.  #3, 5.

Billy's family
Louis Honanie (Hopi/Tewa)—bitter father.  No appearance yet.
Audrey Honanie (Laguna/Navajo/white)—loving mother (deceased).  No appearance yet.
Mary Honanie (Hopi/Tewa/other)—remote younger sister.  No appearance yet.

Drew's family
Leticia Quyatt (Hopi/Tewa)—overbearing mother.  #3.
Zeke Quyatt (San Juan/San Ildefonso/Santa Clara)—passive father.  #3 (cameo).
Jonathan Quyatt (Hopi/Tewa/other)—responsible older brother (deceased?).  No appearance yet.
Nicole "Nickie" Quyatt (Hopi/Tewa/other)—nurturing younger sister.  #3.
Russell Quyatt (Hopi/Tewa/other)—angry younger brother.  #3 (cameo).

Other characters
Floyd Montoya (Hopi)—hard-nosed Hopi Ranger.  #0, 4.
Dennis Nahee (Hopi)—easy-going Hopi Ranger.  #0, 4.
Arthur Scapulsky—ruthless gang leader.  Also known as Scope.  #1-2.
Anthony—one of Scope's gang members.  #1-2.
Ernie Perkins—one of Scope's gang members.  #1-2.
Bob Yamaguchi—bird-watching bystander.  #1-2.
Dan Martinez—Justice For All reporter.  #1, 5.
Jemm Begay (Navajo)—Justice for All reporter.  #1, 5.
Mike Griffith—general manager of Sherman Mining Co.  #1, 3-5.
Horace Sampson—typical American tourist, dad.  #1-5.
Madge Sampson—typical American tourist, mom.  #1-5.
Leeza Sampson—typical American tourist, daughter.  #1-5.
Brad Sampson—typical American tourist, son.  #1-5.
Midgie Sampson—typical American tourist, baby.  #1-5.
Evelyn Rodriguez—legally-blind ranch owner.  #2.
Sheila Swain—Highway Patrol officer.  #2.
Jaime del Olmo—National Inquisitor reporter.  #2.
Manhandler—freelance "security consultant."  #2, 4-5.
Frank Glower—businessman (deceased).  #2.
Hermann Hecht—businessman.  Also known as Petro the Petrified.  #2-5.
Ilsa Hecht—wife of Hermann Hecht, Frank Glower (deceased).  #2.
Fred (Hopi)—inquisitive student.  #3.
John "Jack" Smith—managing partner at Smith, Jones, Rodham, and Brown.  #3.
Lionel Dean (Navajo)—sheep rancher.  #3-4.
No. 11—escaped llama.  #3-4.
Wurtz—obnoxious lawyer at Smith, Jones, Rodham, and Brown.  #3.
Dr. Rubin—Hopi veterinarian.  #3.
A.C.—Navajo juvenile delinquent.  #4.
Gordo—Navajo juvenile delinquent.  #4.
Tucker—Navajo juvenile delinquent.  #4.
Helen—Clerk at Mom 'n' Pop Kiefer's convenience store.  #4.
Andrew Weber—New Ager, would-be composer.  #4.
Ida Luna—Navajo who lives near the Sherman Mine.  #4.
Foster James—Navajo who lives near the Sherman Mine, former Sherman geologist.  #4.
Loon—Native superhero.  No appearance yet.

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