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Rob Schmidt--writer, editor, designer (1999-present)
Rob Schmidt has worked as a full-time freelance writer since 1993. He's published hundreds of business and computer articles, political and cultural essays, and his first book, The National Jobline Directory (Bob Adams, Inc., 1994).

As a writer in the Indian and gaming fields, he works part-time on Pechanga.net, the Internet news source. He has written for Casino Journal, Indian Gaming Business, and Indian Country Today. He's a regular contributor to other websites and blogs and is active on Facebook and Twitter.

Besides writing and editing PEACE PARTY, his flagship comic book, he writes on multicultural topics for his Newspaper Rock blog and Indian Comics Irregular newsletter. He's written and published several comic-book stories, short stories, and one-shot cartoons. Other fiction projects in the works include screenplays and novels.

Business and school

Before this, Rob spent nine years in the corporate world. He was a business programmer/analyst for Northrop Corporation and a library systems analyst for the Los Angeles Times. He continued writing and drawing during these jobs.

He earned an MBA and an MA in Library Science from the University of Chicago in 1983. He has a BA in Mathematics from Occidental College, where he graduated cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. He has studied multicultural and Native American issues on his own for decades.

Rob brings all this background to bear on PEACE PARTY. He's used his research skills to gather hundreds of Native resources such as books, articles, and videos, and to locate materials and expertise elsewhere—in libraries, the community, and online. This has helped make PEACE PARTY authentic and sympathetic to Native concerns.

His business and editorial experience includes producing his book, two directories for the Independent Writers of Southern California, and other writing and computer projects. This stands him in good stead as he oversees PEACE PARTY and Blue Corn Comics.

A non-Native with no Cherokee princesses in his background, Rob was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. He is, as ever, single. For more on his background, see More Background on the Publisher. For examples of his professional writing, visit Robert Schmidt, Business and Computer Writing.

Eduardo Savid--pencils and inks (2006-2008)

Amin Amat--pencils and inks (2003-2005)

Rob Davis--inks (2000-2002)

JP Dupras--pencils (1999)

Mark Heike--inks (1999)

Austin Janowsky --inks (1999)

Ron Fattoruso--pencils and inks (1999, 2010-present)

Mike Kelleher--inks (1999)

Kurt Hathaway--letters (1999-present)

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