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Political Cartoons 2001

PP #2

As 2001 draws to a close....

Peace on earth;
Good will toward

Ha, ha.
Very funny.

If that's your attitude,
why don't you move to
Afghanistan and hide in
a cave with Osama
bin Laden?!

Thanks. I try!

Gale Norton is
securing her future
even as we speak.

Jailed, fired,
resigned in
hard to say.

She's made us
forget James Watt,
the second worst
Secretary of the
Interior ever.
And that
future is...?

Hasn't she done
anything worth

So we've finally
defeated the Taliban.
Good riddance to
bad rubbish.

Uh, I thought
they were the

Taliban, terrorist...
they both begin
with a T.

Yep. They'll never
"harbor terrorists"

Nope. That's a
clever propaganda
ploy on Dubya's part.

Yep. It's easy to
get them confused.

Bush says Bin Laden
is orchestrating the war
from an underground
bunker because he's
afraid of retaliation.

So is Dick Cheney.

Gale Norton may
go to prison for her
mismanagement of
the Indian trust
fund system.

Not to worry.
Bush can always
exonerate her in
one of his secret

I hope that
doesn't blemish
her remarkable
record of success.

He can give her
pointers on how
to handle being
arrested, too.

A month after the 9/11 attacks...PEACE PARTY strikes back!

Man, this country is
in sad shape. Does
Dubya have a plan
to get America back
on its feet?

Uh, wasn't that
his plan before
the recession and
terrorist attacks?

What if we faced
a bug-eyed invasion
from outer space?

Tax cuts.
Missile defense.
Arctic drilling.

Tax cuts.
Missile defense.
Arctic drilling.

Tax cuts.
Missile defense.
Arctic drilling.

I'm behind
Bush's crusade
against evil.

His police action
against Osama
bin Laden.

As long as we're
blowing things up,
it's good for me.

His war against


Mm-hm. I feel
like smoking
a cigarette.

This bombing is brutal.
I thought we were a
civilized nation.

How does creating
starving refugees
help wipe out

It's insane.
Terrorists kill,
Americans kill.

I guess we're not
as civilized as we

It doesn't. But
bombing the
bejeezus out of
Afghanistan sure
makes us feel good.

Monkey see,
monkey do.

People are saying
we can't appease

What about Hitler
and Neville

Good point. So
peace doesn't
mean caving in
to enemies?

In other words,
justice, not

(Okay, but I bet
you can't say that
five times fast.)
Hey, we're
Peace Party, not
Appease Party.

That ol' devil
Neville. What
about Vietnam?

No. It means
acting forcefully,
not violently.

A Peace
Prize for your

Why did they do it?
Why did they kill
thousands of

No, seriously, why
did they do it?

Dang! I knew it!

In the Middle East, hatred of the United States is

For Palestinians, anti-Americanism is largely geopolitical
and rooted in the fight with Israel over land and rights. For
radical Islam, which has grown rapidly as a popular movement
and an armed threat, anti-Americanism is based on fundamental
cultural values; the capitalist West has represented the
infection of immoral values, the spreading of alcohol, drugs
and pornography.

"The problem is much deeper than Osama bin Laden, or any
other particular terrorist," said Shaul Shay, an Israeli
political scientist who specializes in Islam. "Osama bin
Laden represents a trend, a confrontation between
civilizations." (Los Angeles Times, 9/13/01)

Uh, they're evil people.
Evil, rotten, and icky.

I'd like to kill those damn
towelheads for what
they did to America!

We are. But we've
also fought bravely
in every American
war. Some of our men
were code-talkers in
World War II.

. . .
No, I didn't mean
that. I want revenge,
but I'll settle for

Catch the crooks,
lock 'em up, throw
away the key. Isn't
that what true
heroes would do?

Uh, it's not too
late to enlist, is it?
Really. I thought
the Hopi were the
people of peace.

So you favor war?
Destroy the bad guys
and anyone who
gets in the way?

Just like "President"
Bush. But what does
that mean, exactly?

Sounds about right to
me. And so rational,
too. We'll make a
lawyer of you yet.


After six months of "President" Bush:

Now that Bush has
wiped out the surplus,
how does he plan
to pay for all the
programs he promised?

Uh, yes. That and
chocolate milk
in the drinking

Where's Al Gore
and his lockbox when
you need them?!

You mean like educational
testing, prescription
drugs, missile defense
systems, and military

Three words: Goodbye
Social Security.

Gale Norton nominated
a Superfund toxic waste
site as a national
historic landmark.

No, I'm serious.
This 60-foot mound of
garbage was on the
list with Mt. Vernon
and Monticello—until
the, uh, landmark
hit the fan.

Not me. Bush's
stewardship of our
natural heritage is
surpassed only by
his mastery of the
English language.

Nope. I'm betting
his big-business
buddies are creating
some winners even
as we speak.

An oil spill...

Yep. The next Dust
Bowl or river on
fire will be a real
"landmark" in
Bush's reign.
Ha ha. Very

Wow. Who says
Dubya doesn't
care about the

Do you think he'll
have any trouble
finding more sites
ravaged enough
to meet his

Don't tell me...a
clearcut forest?

Or Three Mile

Our tax refunds
are in the mail.

I think I'll lend it to
the government to
cover the deficit that's
suddenly appeared.

Yippee. What're
you gonna do
with yours?

I'm gonna splurge
on a Big Mac and
a large fries.

The US may boycott
the upcoming World
Conference on Racism.

Well, as Sen. Frank
Murkowski told a
Native woman, we can't
risk undermining the
credibility of the
United States.

This administration
doesn't want to
participate in
anything that might
be a potential

Colin Powell says we
can't look backward
at slavery or other
past problems.

If I didn't know
better, I'd think
you were trying to
make a point.
You don't
say. Why?

What credibility?

since our
leader is a
Little Leaguer
named "Dubya."

Like racism,

Not me. I'm an
apolitical Indian.

The "president"
is thinking of
digging for coal in
the back of Mt.
Rushmore's heads!

Then it
isn't true?

Sounds like a
vicious rumor.
Don't believe
you hear.

No, Dubya's too
busy planning
his Grand
Canyon landfill
and Everglades
parking lot.

Global warming, nuclear
testing, biological arms,
anti-ballistic missiles,
land mines, the International
Criminal Court, the World
Conference on Racism....

So's the rest of the
world...from our self-
righteous superiority

I think we're still
members of the
International Postal
Union...so we can
mail in our regrets.

Whew. I'm getting
withdrawal pains.

Is there any treaty
or organization
Dubya hasn't
withdrawn us from?

Gale Norton calls
her first six months
on the job an

Right. If you don't
question her reign
of controversies,
you can delude
yourself into
thinking she's
been a success.

Bush has pledged
to sell diesel
to Taiwan.

One problem: The US
doesn't have any such
submarines, and those
who do have them
refuse to sell them.

No doubt he'll
invent some
other lie to
cover this lie.

Ah. Making the
world safe for
dim sum.

Oops. How does
Dubya plan to
get around that?

I have a
rubber ducky
if anyone
needs it.


After 100 days of "President" Bush:

I just heard
someone say Bush
is doing a really
good job on the

You don't agree?

Yes, and Mussolini
kept the trains

Bush's idea of
an environmental
policy is to declare
salmonella a meat
product and arsenic
a vegetable.

The papers are saying
Bush* would've won in
in Florida anyway.

Yep. By fighting a
full and fair recount,
Bush* de-legitimized
his own presidency.

*Appointed president,
not elected.

Too bad he lied about
trusting the American
people instead of his
lawyers and judges.

Dubya will be forever
known as the man
with an asterisk.

Bush broke his
promise on the
global warming treaty.

He said he'll work
with other world
leaders, but he's
putting Americans
"first and foremost."

Politcians are liars.
No news there.

Nice of him to consult
with everyone on how
to keep us richer
than everyone.

The tourists aren't
buying lately. What's
up with the economy?

Uh, sure. Just don't
use any numbers.

Whoa, pardner. My
head is spinning!

Do you really
to know?

Okay. Bush says the economy
is bad and we need to cut taxes.
The economy is bad and we need
to cut taxes because consumer
confidence is low. Consumer
confidence is low because Bush
says the economy is bad and
we need to cut taxes.

As is America's.
Think of Bush as
the devil and us
as Linda Blair.


Now that the Supreme Court has designated George W. Bush "president":

Bush says he understands
the concept of sovereignty
after all.

Do I detect a note
of skepticism?

Sure he does.

"It means I'm sovereign, right?"
"The Supreme Court crowned me president."
"Remember, unite, not divide...ha ha ha!"
"Dickie, someone's not kneeling down there!"
"Off with his head—kidding!"

Our new "president"
is making me ill.

Oil drilling that won't
produce energy...tax
cuts that won't help
the economy...a missile
defense system that
won't stop missiles....

What's Georgie
up to now?

He and I believe in
faith-based programs!

Bush's idea of leadership
is giving people juvenile

Yes. Or Quayle Lite.


You mean like

Druggie Boy.

* Larry Flynt has evidence Bush impregnated a woman, then got her an abortion.
Bush claims he favors protecting "unborn children."

Dubya says he
wants to unite
the nation.

So he's digging
himself a hole?

He's succeeding.
The nation is
uniting against
his extreme brand
of partisanship.

At the rate he's
going, he'll be in
China by 2004.

Do you think this
Ashcroft guy is
getting a fair shake?

In other words...

Yes, the Senate
is weighing him

They're trying to
decide if he's a racist,
a fundamentalist, or
a homophobe.

If you liked these toons, you'll love the PEACE PARTY comics...and the Indian Comics Irregular newsletter...and the rest of this site. Check 'em out!

Words by Rob Schmidt
Art by Ron Fattoruso and Rob Schmidt—except cartoon with black background by JP Dupras and Mark Heike.

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