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The following is an exact transcription of the AOL chat in the Ethnicity section, Native American chat room, on 5/29/02 at 6 pm PST. The participants included me (Peace Party Rob), writer Danny Donovan (Impulse545), and advisor Vicki Lockard (PaulB99237).

Someone typed my comments while I spoke. She did a great job under pressure, but a couple typos crept into my remarks. (When I spoke them, I was totally articulate. <g>) I've added words in square brackets to explain a couple of the mistakes. As for everyone else's typos, I can't vouch for them.

5/29/02 8:42:20 PM
Opening "Peace Party Log 5-29-02"

OnlineHost:  "HOST LFST Wicapi" has entered the room.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  I have arrived :)

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HOST LFST Wicapi:  I sent the link to all the folks who were in the chat room with me

OnlineHost:  "PaulB99237" has entered the room.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  hi Paul, welcome

Peace Party Rob:  Hi Browneyes and Paul! :)

OnlineHost:  "ValTalon" has entered the room.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  Hi Browneyes, welcome :)

PaulB99237:  Hey Rob from Vicki and Paul

HOST LFST Wicapi:  Hi ValTalon, welcome

PaulB99237:  Hau Kodas

ValTalon:  Hello

Browneyes6455:  hi host wicapi--some are not sure why you left--maybe you could take a moment and issue invitation again

PaulB99237:  Vicki from CAnku Ota :::head slap:::: ROB

OnlineHost:  "bmblewasp" has entered the room.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  Brown, I just did :)

HOST LFST Wicapi:  Thanks :)

bmblewasp:  Hello

OnlineHost:  "Impulse545" has entered the room.

OnlineHost:  "faline1935" has entered the room.

ValTalon:  Hey Danny

Browneyes6455:  ok thank you wicapi

bmblewasp:  May not be able to stay to long..

bmblewasp:  Hello SIster faline

bmblewasp:  Hello Brown

bmblewasp:  Hello Wicapi

bmblewasp:  Hello Val

faline1935:  :-)Good Evening HOST Wicapi, Impulse, bmble, Val, Paul, Brown, Peace

Impulse545:  Hey all, Danny Donovan here. Writer for Marvel Comcs, Peace Party and whatever else. I'll be happy to take your questions as well.

bmblewasp:  wow major screen freeze

ValTalon:  Hi Wasp

OnlineHost:  "bmblewasp" has left the room.

Browneyes6455:  hi bmble don't get to see you much anymore

PaulB99237:  where from everyone?? MN here

Impulse545:  VAL!!!! Everyone The beautiful and Talented Val. My moderator on my X-Fan Message board Danny's Deck!

faline1935:  ILL here

ValTalon:  AW! Thanks Danny! *kiss*

PaulB99237:  is Rob sleeping????

Impulse545:  *kiss* Your welcome Val.

ValTalon:  =D

Impulse545:  It's a shame not all my Divas can join in.

PaulB99237:  Browneyes from SD or CO?

faline1935:  Well HOST Brought hers with her LOL

ValTalon:  Their loss Danny

Peace Party Rob:  Hi, everyone. I'm Rob Schmidt, owner of Blue Corn Comics. I publish PEACE PARTY, a multicultural comic book featuring Native Americans.

Peace Party Rob:  It presents Indians as they are today, free from myths and stereotypes. You can learn more about it at http://www.bluecorncomics.com.

Peace Party Rob:  One of the questions people often ask is "Why do a comic book about Indians

Peace Party Rob:  In fact, people ask this so often that I've posted a long answer at http://www.bluecorncomics.com/whyna.htm. But I'll give you the short answer with a couple of quotes:

Impulse545:  lol. Yeah. AOL's loss as well.

Peace Party Rob:  "The Indian plays much the same role in our American society that the Jews played in Germany.

Peace Party Rob:  Like the miner's canary, the Indian marks the shift from fresh air to poison gas in our political atmosphere; and our treatment of Indians, even more than our treatment of other minorities, marks the rise

OnlineHost:  "MEP8486870" has entered the room.

Peace Party Rob:  and fall of our democratic faith." (Felix Cohen, modern founder of federal Indian law)

Peace Party Rob:  Tall Oak, a Narragansett quoted in the documentary "500 Nations," calls Indians the conscience of America. "The lesson," he says, "is to realize

Peace Party Rob:  the value of an alternative perspective. And that is why we are here. That is why the Creator allowed some of us to remain, in spite of all the attempts to destroy us."

Peace Party Rob:  *****

Peace Party Rob:  There you have it. The survival, the flourishing, even the success of Native cultures challenges our predominant Western ways of thinking. Consider some major issues facing America and the world today:

Peace Party Rob:  Globalization: Traditional Indians thought locally, not globally. They acted to conserve and protect their resources, not to waste and destroy them.

Peace Party Rob:  Capitalism: Traditional Indian cultures were based on the community--on caring for every person. They were about helping the village, not helping themselves.

Peace Party Rob:  Technology: Traditional Indian cultures adapted themselves to their environment, not the environment to themselves. Their arts and

Peace Party Rob:  architecture blended with nature, while our technology (television, computers, tank-like SUVs) isolates us from nature.

Peace Party Rob:  Religion and spirituality: Traditional Indians had about as many religions as they had cultures--thousands of them.

Peace Party Rob:  They almost never imposed their beliefs on others, but rather embodied a humble, "live and let live" philosophy.

Peace Party Rob:  Violence and warfare: Traditional Indians sometimes fought--but usually ritual battles, not campaigns of conquest. The Narragansetts reproached

Peace Party Rob:  the English who massacred the Pequots in 1636-37, saying, "It is naught, it is naught, because it is too furious, and slays too many men."

Peace Party Rob:  So writing about Indians today is one way of bringing important issues to the public eye. Although I've obviously generalized, I think Native people

Peace Party Rob:  still have something to teach non-Natives--of which I'm one. And doing Native stories in comic-book format is one way of engaging our youth, who will be the next generation of voters and decision-makers.

Peace Party Rob:  I trust this opening statement has been provocative enough to provoke some thoughts and questions. Now let's chat!

PaulB99237:  Hi Rob

Browneyes6455:  starting to feel like a fish out of water

Peace Party Rob:  Hi Paul! :)

Impulse545:  Where's McDuffie?

Peace Party Rob:  Browneyes, everyone is welcome here! :)

PaulB99237:  Rob you want to mention Native Heroes?

Peace Party Rob:  Yes, we're having a drawing contest...

Browneyes6455:  if host wicapi says this is ok then i will take my butt off my shoulders

OnlineHost:  "JRodri Wife" has entered the room.

Peace Party Rob:  You can find a link on bluecorncomics.com

faline1935:  Peace are these sold in stores throughout the USA

Peace Party Rob:  And it's about drawing your favorite Native American hero.

Peace Party Rob:  No, not at the moment. They were when they came out, but now they're online.

OnlineHost:  "Jdean2u" has entered the room.

ValTalon:  Oh, I thought these comics were in print

Impulse545:  They are Val!

Impulse545:  You can order them off the website.

Impulse545:  Mine aren't out yet though.

Impulse545:  ;)

Peace Party Rob:  Val, they are in print. They can be ordered through the website.

PaulB99237:  MY Hero is Asterix

faline1935:  Impulse I dont buy anything on the net

OnlineHost:  "MEP8486870" has left the room.

OnlineHost:  "JRodri Wife" has left the room.

Impulse545:  It's Danny faline.

Impulse545:  ;)

faline1935:  Ok Danny

Peace Party Rob:  I don't know that much about Asterix, but [I'm] glad to see heroes from around the world.

Impulse545:  The net is a great source to buy from.

Impulse545:  ;)

Impulse545:  Thanks faline

Peace Party Rob:  The comics are also available from eBay sometimes.

faline1935:  Danny but hubby said I could get aol as long as I promise not to buy off the net

HOST LFST Wicapi:  Rob, is your comic going to be featured in newspapers or are you going to have comic books for sale instead ... or both? :)

Impulse545:  Astrix is a great character. There's gonna be a major motion pic ture coming soon!1

Impulse545:  Astrix and Oblex

PaulB99237:  a question from Vicki .... your statements dwelt on the past ... how are your comics making the transition to today?

Impulse545:  Faline. Ordering online is safer then through the stores.

ValTalon:  What kinds of stories are you endeavoring to tell in these comics? Are these the same super hero type stuff as in X-Men or JLA?

Peace Party Rob:  Wicapi, it's a comic book, not a comic strip. So, it's in print as a magazine or book.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  Thank you Rob

faline1935:  Danny well a promise is a promise and I have to stick by it

Impulse545:  Your a good woman faline.

Browneyes6455:  peace may i ask what you will accomplish with comic books--sure as hell ain't in history books???? and will comic books raise the awerness in todays society???

Peace Party Rob:  Paul -- We're working to produce more stories. You [we] have Native writers like Danny Donovan and Native artists involved.

Peace Party Rob:  Right now we're doing some short stories. We'll put those online and then publish them eventually.

Impulse545:  Comics are a great source of information.

PaulB99237:  kewlness

Peace Party Rob:  We hope to come out with a book version, within the next several months.

faline1935:  Danny I agree but you are missing a lot of kids that dont have computers

PaulB99237:  Rob how do you know what to write about NA's?

Peace Party Rob:  Val, definitely not. We're doing real life characters in real life situations.

Peace Party Rob:  Our first story line is about mining in Northern Arizona.

OnlineHost:  "MEP8486870" has entered the room.

faline1935:  Jdean and Meps hello

Impulse545:  Well faline Comics aren't kids stuff anymore. and these books will soon be seen all over.

Peace Party Rob:  Browneyes, yes, I think they will raise the awareness.

Peace Party Rob:  We're seeing comic book movies doing very well.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  <<reads comics :)

Peace Party Rob:  People are becoming more and more aware of graphic literature.

Impulse545:  Good on you Wicapi!!

ValTalon:  Are these comics more present day oriented or history oriented?

Impulse545:  make sure you make yours marvel so my royalty checks keep coming in.

Impulse545:  ;)

HOST LFST Wicapi:  lol

ValTalon:  LOL @ Danny

faline1935:  Danny when it comes to the stores I will buy them then

Impulse545:  lol.

Impulse545:  Thanks faline!

Impulse545:  Val and Wicapi!

Peace Party Rob:  Paul, I've been researching Native Americans since 1990, and I have a board of advisors to advise me.

Impulse545:  ;)

PaulB99237:  OK Rob

Peace Party Rob:  There are a lot of great stories out there, and I'm read ing the news and following them.

PaulB99237:  Vicki at Canku Ota sez Hi Rob

Browneyes6455:  and who is on your board rob---what nations

Peace Party Rob:  Val, they are history present day oriented.

faline1935:  Rob will you write about the slautering of Buffalo in Yellowstone and other issues

Peace Party Rob:  The characters are dealing with President Bush, energy issues, the war on terrorism.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  lol Rob ... quite a full plate with that agenda :)

Peace Party Rob:  Hi Vicki!

PaulB99237:  :)

Peace Party Rob:  faline, that's on my list.

Browneyes6455:  the slaughter in yellowstone should never be in comic form

Peace Party Rob:  It's a matter of having the time and space to do all of the great stories, but I'm following that story, too.

Impulse545:  My next story is gonna be a nice one..

Impulse545:  sorry. I just felt left out.

Impulse545:  ;)

ValTalon:  What's it about Danny?

faline1935:  Brown in regular comics no but this is on issues and will get to more people dont you think

PaulB99237:  right now you your stories take place in the southwest, right Rob ... when you moving to Dakota Country ... or Kiowa Country?

HOST LFST Wicapi:  may I make a comment regarding the comic book issue?

Peace Party Rob:  Browneyes, people have done special issues on the 9/11 tragedy, so I don't think that there's any issue that should be off limits.

Browneyes6455:  no faline i don't--this national disgrace in comic form--never

faline1935:  Brown I see your point sorry

Impulse545:  my story is a 4 page tale of an ancient time sort of a set up to a future storyline!

Impulse545:  ;)

Peace Party Rob:  Paul, my ideal would be to do a series of graphic novels with our characters going to different regions and tribes around the country.

Peace Party Rob:  Wicapi, what's your comment?

PaulB99237:  great Rob thanks

HOST LFST Wicapi:  Thanks :) ... comic books are no longer "comic" books as we

HOST LFST Wicapi:  knew them as kids. This graphic books are now more or less

HOST LFST Wicapi:  teaching tools and I feel that comic book writers and artists

HOST LFST Wicapi:  have more of a responsibility toward our young people of

HOST LFST Wicapi:  today than they ever did in the 50's and 60's. Just as the

ValTalon:  Danny, how can you tell a story in 4 pgs?

HOST LFST Wicapi:  modes of communication have changed over the years, such

HOST LFST Wicapi:  as television, radio and movies, so has the "comic" book

HOST LFST Wicapi:  genre of reading material. I feel that the more children we

HOST LFST Wicapi:  can reach early, the better off we're all going to be. :)

Impulse545:  I produced 9-11 Emergency Relief through alternative comics. It's all in if you have the skill to tackel the stories with an even manner

Impulse545:  It's easy!

Impulse545:  ;)

OnlineHost:  "PaulB99237" has left the room.

OnlineHost:  "Switalla we3fish" has entered the room.

Impulse545:  You just have to be very careful with your pacing. any story can be told in a small setting.

OnlineHost:  "Switalla we3fish" has left the room.

Peace Party Rob:  Any other questions?

Browneyes6455:  so if i am reading everything right--what is important to us is being put in comic books--to educate our young--

Impulse545:  for me?

Impulse545:  ;)

Impulse545:  lol.

ValTalon:  Danny, are you going to be an on going writer for the series or just going to do certain issues?

HOST LFST Wicapi:  children today have learned to be impressed with the visual

HOST LFST Wicapi:  and need a little "help" with developing imaginations outside

HOST LFST Wicapi:  of a computer screen ... I think the comic books of today do

HOST LFST Wicapi:  that ... they're a stepping stone from the world of visual

HOST LFST Wicapi:  entertainment to reading books with no pictures and

HOST LFST Wicapi:  developing those pictures in their minds :)

Impulse545:  I'm going to help out from time to time whenever they need me!

faline1935:  Are these comics available on line or only bought on line

Peace Party Rob:  Brown, that's right. Comic books can be a powerful tool. We [would] like to use them as a tool to preserve native languages.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  lol Danny ... I have no doubt you're going to be a great help :)

ValTalon:  Now that's an interesting idea. Using comics to preserve native languages. How did that come about?

Impulse545:  thanks Wicapi!

Peace Party Rob:  faline, they're available in a few mail order catalogues throughout the country. Our next addition [edition] should be in the stores eventually.

OnlineHost:  "Snavejr1" has entered the room.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  yw Danny :)

Peace Party Rob:  Val, I'm aware that native languages are threatened, and it just seemed like a natural idea to have one version in english and another...

Peace Party Rob:  version in a native language, and people will read it.

faline1935:  Rob no I mean if I wanted to just read one to see if I like it could I do this on line sorta like a preview

ValTalon:  That's a very innovative idea, Rob

Peace Party Rob:  faline, the first 7 pages of our first issue are on my web site.

Peace Party Rob:  http://www.bluecorncomics.com

HOST LFST Wicapi:  btw Danny, I haven't seen any of yours on the shelves yet ... am I missing something or just looking for something different?

faline1935:  Rob ok that is what I wanted to know thank you

ValTalon:  Will these comics be available in any local comic book store or in specialty stores?

Peace Party Rob:  We're hoping to get grants to do more with the native language versions.

Impulse545:  lol. The only thing currently that's still in print is 9-11 Emergency Relief.

Peace Party Rob:  Val, when our next addition comes out it should be in comic book stores, regular book stores, museum and tourist shops in Indian country...

Impulse545:  I did a 12 page story for Marvel comics and I'm pitching a cloak and Dagger mini series with Tom Derenick.

Peace Party Rob:  maybe even supermarkets.

ValTalon:  Cool! I'll have to make it point to look for these books then.

faline1935:  Rob just in Indian country?

Impulse545:  if anyone wants a Cloak and Dagger preview have a look here! http://www.dannydonovan.com/Cloak_Daggerclrb.jpg

HOST LFST Wicapi:  Rob, how about the Museum for Western Expansion in St. Louis? That would be an excellent place. It's a national park (Gateway Arch).

OnlineHost:  "PaulB99237" has entered the room.

Browneyes6455:  are you going to be showing the past--scared-cerimonial ways--what is important to the n/a

Snavejr1:  I read somewhere during WWII that they used the Navajo language to communicate positions and such. Will you be using native language to communicate some of your points ?

Impulse545:  MARY IS HERE!! The lovely Wolvie's Chick!

Peace Party Rob:  faline, they'll be in casino gift shops, as well as regular book stores and comic book stores.

ValTalon:  Hey Mary!

MEP8486870:  hi there everyone

Peace Party Rob:  Wicapi, national parks are one of our targets, too.

faline1935:  MEP hello

OnlineHost:  "Royelen" has entered the room.

Impulse545:  Hey Mary.

Peace Party Rob:  Browneyes, we will talk about things that are important such as spirituality, but we don't want to violate anyones sacred beliefs by...

MEP8486870:  hey Danny

Peace Party Rob:  violating them in a comic book.

PaulB99237:  that is why there is an advisory board

Impulse545:  :-*

Peace Party Rob:  Snave, whenever possible I like to use native words to convey the flavor of the culture, even if the stories are in English. I do want to do...

Peace Party Rob:  a story about the code talkers some day.

Impulse545:  grrr. I pitched that Rob!

Impulse545:  ;)

ValTalon:  LOL

HOST LFST Wicapi:  lol Danny ... upstaged again eh? ><g>

HOST LFST Wicapi:  hehehe

Impulse545:  lol. Upstaged? me? Never!

HOST LFST Wicapi:  lolol

Snavejr1:  Thank you for your reply good luck with your efforts

Impulse545:  I'm a shameless self promoter.

Impulse545:  ;)

ValTalon:  Ain't that the truth

Impulse545:  :)

HOST LFST Wicapi:  I remember you told me that lol

Impulse545:  LOL @ Val.

MEP8486870:  dont i know it

Browneyes6455:  am sorry--never ask this question till now--but--how many in this room have n/a blood in them??

Impulse545:  I am part cherokee.

ValTalon:  Same here

HOST LFST Wicapi:  Brown, that's not really important, is it?

faline1935:  I am confused here are we promoting 1 or 2 comic book companies

Peace Party Rob:  Not me.

Peace Party Rob:  I'm a pure wasp.

faline1935:  Brown I do

MEP8486870:  sorry me niether

ValTalon:  LOL @ Rob

Browneyes6455:  sorry host --right now to me yes it is

MEP8486870:  i am anglo as they come

Impulse545:  promoting one. I'm just trying to snake readers for my other projects.

Impulse545:  lol.

Impulse545:  did I mention Cloak and Dagger? "D

HOST LFST Wicapi:  brown, it's not important, hint, hint, hint :)

Impulse545:  http://www.dannydonovan.com/Cloak_Daggerclrb.jpg

Impulse545:  lol.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  lol danny!!!

Impulse545:  lol.

Peace Party Rob:  Let's talk about native images in the media, in general. :)

faline1935:  Danny yes you did that is why I am confused

Impulse545:  sorry faline.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  egads Rob ... now I have to find that bucket of worms LOL

MEP8486870:  ok is anyone gonna see that new movie with Nicholas Cage about the Navajo during WW!!

Browneyes6455:  no

Impulse545:  Why is Nick Cage in stuff?

HOST LFST Wicapi:  MEP, yes ... definitely YES! I even wangled tickets for the local premier!

Impulse545:  :)

Peace Party Rob:  MEP, that's not out yet, but it should be interesting.

Impulse545:  MEP=Mary

faline1935:  Mep if it comes out in video I dont go to movies

HOST LFST Wicapi:  Danny, he is the person responsible for protecting the code talkers

Peace Party Rob:  It's interesting that the white guy is still the hero.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  Rob, is he?

Snavejr1:  I remember seeing a comercial once about polution and it showed an Indian crying .Do you remember that and does the environment play a part in your stories ?

HOST LFST Wicapi:  From what I've seen of the trailers and such, I don't think so

MEP8486870:  guess that Hollywood for ya

Impulse545:  I know I've seen the previews. I just mean Nick is like in almost everything. He wanted to be Superman, Ghost Rider..

OnlineHost:  "WarpJMP" has entered the room.

Peace Party Rob:  Yes, he is, Wicapi. He's the top billed star.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  Snave, that was Iron Eyes Cody ... he recently passed away

HOST LFST Wicapi:  ah, yes, they do mention him on the trailers ... but my thinking about that is that he has a huge fan following and will get the people into the theatres

Peace Party Rob:  Snave, that was Iron Eyes Cody, who wasn't really an Indian. But yes, the environment is one key area where Native people differ from the mainstream culture.

Peace Party Rob:  They tend to respect nature more.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  he was interviewed on E! the other day and he never stopped talking about the native stars in the movie and never stopped talking about the code talkers themselves

faline1935:  ROB may I ask a question

Impulse545:  I once wrestled a bear.

Impulse545:  ;)

Snavejr1:  I think the earth sky water wind all play key in native american culture

OnlineHost:  "JoshyB02" has entered the room.

ValTalon:  Was it a baby bear Danny?

ValTalon:  ;)

Peace Party Rob:  Well, that sounds good! The question is, what we'll actually be [see] on the screen, Wicapi.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  what I find sad is that the white star has to be promoted to promote the movie ... that's what erks me to no end

faline1935:  If you all are not NA why then the comic books on them?

Impulse545:  I think I just ate a bearclaw at Dunkin Donuts..

Impulse545:  ;)

Peace Party Rob:  I think movie companies need to work to create minority stars.

Impulse545:  My bad.

Snavejr1:  With a name like Iron Eyes Cody gee he looked Native American to me

Impulse545:  lol.

Peace Party Rob:  faline, what's your question?

HOST LFST Wicapi:  Rob, I am in definite agreement on that point!

faline1935:  I said if you all are not NA how come the comic books on them

OnlineHost:  "Royelen" has left the room.

Peace Party Rob:  faline, again, that's because they show us an alternative perspective, unique values and characteristics. They reflect...

Peace Party Rob:  what we think about ourselves.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  unfortunately, those who are in a position to promote the native stars don't seem to want to do it ... they're only interested in promoting themselves :(

Impulse545:  I resemble that remark!

Impulse545:  lol. j/k

faline1935:  Oh ok now I think I understand

Peace Party Rob:  Wicapi, we're trying to hire [Native] writers and artists, and we're trying to keep the focus on the work, not any one persons personality.

Snavejr1:  Impulse you are one "Off the subject" kinda person aren't you

Peace Party Rob:  Our only "agenda" is good stories.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  good idea Rob ... I was thinking a lot along the lines of current native stars that seem to leave their own in the dust ... very disheartening

Impulse545:  Yes I am.

Browneyes6455:  am wondering rob-since you will be making money off the n/a lifestlye culture etc-will you be donating any of your profit to help the n/a programs

ValTalon:  I'll promote a native star. If you want to chat with Danny, check his forum Danny's Deck at X-Fan! http://x-mencomics.com/xfan/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=36

Impulse545:  Val you are the greatest ever!! *kisses*

HOST LFST Wicapi:  LOL Val!!

Peace Party Rob:  Browneyes, actually, we want to. We're trying to donate some percent to different charities. So far we haven't made any profit...

Peace Party Rob:  so it's all hypothetical.

faline1935:  Rob what inspired you to take this project on?

faline1935:  It seems like a big project to me

Peace Party Rob:  faline, I've always been interested in political/social/cultural issues. This seemed to be a good way to discuss some of...

Peace Party Rob:  America's problems in a multicultural sort of way,

OnlineHost:  "HOST LFST MsEden" has entered the room.

Snavejr1:  I took an American History class and found out that the Seminole Indians are not native to Florida

PaulB99237:  hey Hoster

Peace Party Rob:  You can read more about why I got started on my web site, too.

Peace Party Rob:  There's an FAQ that has a lot of answers.

OnlineHost:  "Royelen" has entered the room.

Browneyes6455:  don't beleive everything you read in the history books

Browneyes6455:  hi ms eden :)

faline1935:  Brown well the history books I read didnt have anything about NA

Peace Party Rob:  Sad but true that a lot of tribes have moved from their original locations. That's all part of the history that a lot of people don't know too well.

faline1935:  HOST MsEden hello

Impulse545:  lol. History is written by the winners all to make them look good.

Peace Party Rob:  It's often good to read multiple sources, to check one against the other.

HOST LFST MsEden:  hello faline how are you

faline1935:  HOST MsEden good and you

Snavejr1:  What did you think of Disneys Pocahontas

Browneyes6455:  jd-you snoozin or what :)

Impulse545:  I liked the raccoon!

Peace Party Rob:  Snave, I thought it was a nice try. It was better than most past movies, but it was still very romanticized. A very sanitized version...

Peace Party Rob:  of history.

faline1935:  Snavejr I think it was beautiful and the kids love it but I dont think it told whole story

HOST LFST Wicapi:  oh me too danny!!

OnlineHost:  "HOST LFST MsEden" has left the room.

OnlineHost:  "HOST LFST MsEden" has entered the room.

Peace Party Rob:  Hi MsEden :)

PaulB99237:  in or out Hoster

HOST LFST Wicapi:  WB MsEden :)

Impulse545:  the raccoon was cool I have the action figure.

HOST LFST MsEden:  in for now LOL

Peace Party Rob:  I'd like our comic to replace our comic [replace Pocahontas, actually] as the thing people think of in the pop culture field.

JoshyB02:  Rob, what kind of response have you recieved from your readers?

Jdean2u:  brown just watching

HOST LFST Wicapi:  danny, i have a wild raccoon here and she has babies this year :)

Impulse545:  aww that's sweet Wicapi. I once had a possum

HOST LFST Wicapi:  I think of that Disney thing every time I see her

HOST LFST Wicapi:  so do we

Snavejr1:  Well, I think all Disney stories are that way to an extent I was refering to the references to the environment

HOST LFST Wicapi:  3 of em

PaulB99237:  Rob comic or graphic literature? explain the diff

Peace Party Rob:  Josh, it's been overwhelmingly positive. I think Native people are glad every time they appear and their stories get told in a postive manner.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  Rob, I was excited about your project when I first heard about it :)

Impulse545:  no diff. Both are superiour to most forms of entertainment today.

JoshyB02:  Rob, way cool. Do you also integrate some of the Native American legend and history into these?

JoshyB02:  I haven't read them, but they definitely sound intriguing

HOST LFST MsEden:  I think the kids Indian Hero contest is a wonderful idea

faline1935:  I think kids today like videos better than comics though dont you?

JoshyB02:  I may have to go out and look for one in a comic book store :)

Snavejr1:  Rob are you going to do any of the art work yourself or will you be supervising it

Peace Party Rob:  Paul, a graphic novel is comic book in book form.

Peace Party Rob:  And it tends to be more mature. It's a finished product with a shelf life.

PaulB99237:  thanks Hoster Eden

Peace Party Rob:  Companies compile their best work and put it in a graphic novel format.

faline1935:  Rob will these be placed in Libraries

Peace Party Rob:  Josh, yes, in our very first issue we told the origin of the universe from a Pueblo Indian perspective, so we want to challenge the mainstream....

Peace Party Rob:  religions from the very beginning.

OnlineHost:  "MEP8486870" has left the room.

PaulB99237:  <--------------has about 24 Asterix

Snavejr1:  Gotta go this has been a very interesting discussion impulse aside LOL

JoshyB02:  Rob, way cool :)

Peace Party Rob:  faline, yes, comics are in trouble. They face competion from video games, DVD's, the Internet. They may be making a comeback, though.

Peace Party Rob:  We'd be happy to expand to other areas such as movies, video games and cartoons.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  lol Snave ... thanks for stopping in ... have a nice evening

OnlineHost:  "Snavejr1" has left the room.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  Rob, do you have any plans to do actual comedy stuff, sorta like Smoke Signals? The more people know of native humor, the better they can understand the cultures

Impulse545:  bye mary!

OnlineHost:  "Royelen" has left the room.

Peace Party Rob:  faline, we've put a few in libraries aleady, and we'll inform the libraries of the next edition.

PaulB99237:  I have a good friend who is either the classic Obelix ,,, or Filbert

Peace Party Rob:  We'd like to have a teaching manual, too.

faline1935:  Rob ok ty

Peace Party Rob:  Wicapi, definitely! If you read our comics, you'll see the characters are almost wisecracking comediens. They're very lively. You [we] want to contradict....

Peace Party Rob:  the stereotype of the quiet, stoic Indian.

Impulse545:  Obleix is halairious!!

PaulB99237:  when is the next issue going to be available

HOST LFST Wicapi:  great Rob!

OnlineHost:  "Royelen" has entered the room.

Peace Party Rob:  Paul, I don't know that yet. Probably several months, but some of our short stories should be online in a couple of months.

PaulB99237:  quiet yes stoic NO WAY

Peace Party Rob:  I've talked to a lot of Native people, and they're not at all stoic.

PaulB99237:  please let us (Canku Ota) know

HOST LFST MsEden:  Stoic? Paul stoic? Ahahahaha

WarpJMP:  Rob, do you address stereotyping in any other ways in your comics?

Impulse545:  what you mean?

PaulB99237:  hahahahaahahahaha I am too

Peace Party Rob:  Warp, the fact that our characters are a lawyer and an artist.

Impulse545:  Friend Rob speaks in funny tongue.

faline1935:  Rob I think I know where Brown is coming from the word Comic Book What has and is happening to the NA is not funny and the word comic seems to make it so

Peace Party Rob:  We'll show them being articulate profesionals. Smarter than the average superhero.

OnlineHost:  "ApoetsJonez" has entered the room.

PaulB99237:  but as stoic as "she is going to hug you"

HOST LFST MsEden:  yeah I hear ya LOL

faline1935:  Brown am I right

OnlineHost:  "ApoetsJonez" has left the room.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  I think natives are just reserved ><grin>

Peace Party Rob:  faline, that's right. Comic books have traditionally been kids stuff, which is why a lot of creators are going to the graphic novel format.

Peace Party Rob:  It seems more substantial and adult all around.

HOST LFST MsEden:  good one Wicapi LOL

OnlineHost:  "ApoetsJonez" has entered the room.

Browneyes6455:  faline thank you but i will bite my lip for now but i thank you for your concern

HOST LFST Wicapi:  I think we need to rename them ... graphic tails ... errr ... tales :)

OnlineHost:  "CANTE OLON" has entered the room.

HOST LFST Wicapi:  LOL MsEden ... I was gonna say rez'd

faline1935:  Rob but word comic means funny and the happenings of NA are not funny and that is what Brown means I think

ApoetsJonez:  hello every one

HOST LFST Wicapi:  welcome Apoets

Impulse545:  No. Comic Books are hardly funny.

ApoetsJonez:  thanks

Impulse545:  X-MEN is damn near depressing these days,.

Peace Party Rob:  We'll call our future editions graphic novels instead of comic books, so there won't be any confusion.

Impulse545:  Paul Jenkins makes it a point to make me cry in all his books.

faline1935:  Brown sorry didnt want to speak for you just trying to understand all this

ValTalon:  Except Origin 6... Grrrrrr!

Browneyes6455:  is ok faline thank you for your concern

Peace Party Rob:  I'd urge people to go to my website. There's a stereotype of the month contest....

Peace Party Rob:  Vote for your favorite native book or movie./

OnlineHost:  "ApoetsJonez" has left the room.

Peace Party Rob:  And, sign up for our Indian Comics Irregular newsletter.

faline1935:  Brown the word comic is a concern to me too

Impulse545:  Origin 6 was a let down.

HOST LFST MsEden:  you could have your kids go to Canku

HOST LFST MsEden:  Ota and enter the Indian Hero Contest

HOST LFST MsEden:  that is being run by Peace Party and

ValTalon:  No kidding, Danny!

HOST LFST MsEden:  Canku Ota

Impulse545:  But come on it was 6 months late. We should have known.

Impulse545:  ;)

Peace Party Rob:  And, e-mail me at robschmidt@compuserve.com if you have any further questions.

PaulB99237:  YEAH

HOST LFST MsEden:  www.turtletrack.org

PaulB99237:  thanks Hoster

5/29/02 10:00:22 PM
Closing "Peace Party Log 5-29-02"

Rob's comment
As I said, because someone read me the comments, I didn't "hear" all of them. And because the person typed my comments for me, I couldn't offer more than a couple of remarks to the ones I did hear. That's why I didn't respond to a few points. But here are more answers:

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