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Violence in America

Violence in America is much worse than almost anywhere else. Here's why:

Understanding America's violent ways:

America's cultural mindset   We expect the American Dream...but we're stuck with the American reality.
America the warrior society   War and violence "have been pervasive in American life and culture from this country's earliest days."
A Latin view of American-style violence   The world notes our hyper-individualism and gunslinger mentality.
Some arguments for gun control   A lone-gunman type displays America's obsession with its manhood.

The media is the gateway of American culture:

The evidence against media violence   Violence expert David Grossman and others lay out the facts.
Highlights of the FTC report on media violence   The mass media sells sex and violence constantly, 24/7.
Are parents responsible for their kids' violence?   Try "troubled youth, toxic environment and peer dynamics."
SchoolRumors.com: a typical media influence   How our culture inculcates aggression and hostility in kids.

The many ways violence manifests itself in America's media:

Murder in the '90s
Review of PUNISHER #1
Comics, The Matrix, and death-happy audiences
The LAPD and comic book heroes
Gladiator and The Patriot glorify violence
Violence, Greek drama, and American trash
The Bible as media violence
Victor or victim:  our new national anthem?
Straight shootin' with the Duke
Why white boys keep shooting
Terrorists followed media violence script
Right-wing extremists:  the enemy within
And more!

What to do about America's violent nature:

Doing nothing is a copout   We'll never have perfect information, but that's no excuse not to act
Jawboning as the best solution   Individuals can talk, educate, and raise awareness until people listen.
Teenage violence...solved! (more or less)   Social scientists are identifying the risk factors and the programs that work.
Winning through nonviolence   Long-term, violence is not only an immoral choice, it's a losing strategy.

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