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Right-Wing Extremists:  The Enemy Within

How various forms of fundamentalists (libertarians, nativists, gun nuts, militia men, conservative Christians, supremacists) threaten America:

The historical battle for America's soul:

The Founders' original intent   The majority of the Founders wanted a strong government.
A well regulated militia...   The 2nd Amendment couldn't be clearer.
The myth of American self-reliance   Rugged individualists who beg for government help.
Origin of the culture wars   The 1960s:  America's cultural revolution.

The anti-government underpinnings of the far right:

America the conservative   Despite what talk radio says, we're a right-wing country.
Are taxes "theft"?   No, "taxes are what we pay for civilized society."
Libertarianism = anarchy   The two concepts are equivalent—and equally unworkable.
Antonin Scalia:  Supreme Court doofus   Conservative justice means never having a principle.

The militia/gun-nut bunch
Violent right-wing extremists in action:

Klansmen, neo-Nazis, and Christian patriots
What Tim McVeigh tells us
Brotherly love, American style
Some arguments for gun control
Why white boys keep shooting
And more!

The conservative/libertarian bunch
Nonviolent right-wing extremists in action:

F---ing fundamentalist fanatics
God bless secular America
The last refuge of a scoundrel
Corporate culture:  rotten to the core
Government gives, free markets take
And more!

Other than putting these fanatics down as the rabid dogs they are, about all we can do is expose them and educate the public about them:

America's cultural mindset   An overview of our cowboy culture and its mixed-up values.
Jawboning as the best solution   Individuals can talk, educate, and raise awareness until people listen.
PEACE PARTY, a multicultural comic book featuring Native Americans.  (What else?)

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