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More Background on the Publisher

>> [C]an you give me some background info on yourself? For instance, your heritage, what part of the country you live in <<

Sure. I'm a white, Anglo-Saxon guy from California who's been interested in multicultural and Native American issues for years. I'm publishing a comic book (PEACE PARTY) and a newsletter (Indian Comics Irregular) on these issues because I feel they're vitally important.

Among my credentials as a white guy are my conversations with Native people, my visits to Indian country, the articles I've published on Native subjects, my reading every issue of Indian Country Today for a decade, and my library of hundreds of books, articles, and videos. I don't claim to be an expert, but I know enough to write a relatively superficial comic book. What I don't know is provided by a board of Native American advisors, who review my scripts, answer my questions, and keep me straight.

You can find out more about me and my work at www.bluecorncomics.com. The site includes my biography and the proverbial much more. If I neglected to post anything about my past and present, it was an oversight, I assure you. <grin>

>> in what methods you are promoting your book sales besides the Internet. <<

Hm, no one's asked me that before. I'm basically doing whatever I can. Attending the San Diego comic book convention, selling at powwows, mailing materials to shop owners and individuals, sending sample copies to media reviewers, visiting local vendors whenever I go on a trip, writing articles and letters to the editor, networking with Southwest Museum members here in Los Angeles, attending and volunteering at the annual First Americans in the Arts ceremony, trying to start a Natives and Newcomers book reading group, and other methods I've probably forgotten. My proposal to do radio interviews on multiculturalism and Native Americans is another of my ideas.

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