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Educator Quotes

Here's what educators have said about PEACE PARTY:

I...love your stuff and use it a lot in teacher workshops and education programs....

Pam Darty (Muskogee)
National Park Service

I would like to use both issues of Peace Party as one of the recommended texts for the Social Issues of the Native American courses that teach this fall (total enrollment approx. 150). As a rec. text students can opt to use that for an extra credit paper or use it as adjunct reading for the section on media and contemporary issues.

Jeffrey Sanders, PhD
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Sociology, Political Science, and Native American Studies
Montana State University-Billings

I thought the materials you sent to us were excellent, without question. I do find myself wishing we could collaborate on a similar project featuring some specific languages from the Great Lakes area languages for example, Potawatomi, Ojibewam Odawa, Menominee, Winnebago, etc.

Good work indeed.

Donald Perrot
Potawatomi language instructor
Nah Tah Wahsh Indian School

We think school educators who are teaching Native American traditions to middle schoolers would find it a great teaching tool for this age group.

Phyllis A. Meiners
CRC Publishing Co.

When Drew [a colleague] first gave me a copy of Peace Party, I was impressed. The issues dealt with in the story, the use of young people as protagonists, and the artwork all struck me as being of high interest to the students I teach. The comic lends itself perfectly to be used in my history course.

It is always a challenge to find reading material that catches the interest of the students I teach. All the students here at Alamo are Navajo language speakers first, and reading and writing in English is always a struggle for them. A comic that deals with some real Native American issues is a real find for me!!

Thanks for putting out a great comic!

Omar Qureshi
Alamo Navajo school

I am really proud that I was quoted as saying it is a smart person's comic book, because that is exactly what you have produced.

Steve Russell (Cherokee)
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Indiana University at Bloomington

Thank you for during such a terrific job in Peace Party #1. As a comic book historian who tracks the images of people of color, I was most impressed by your efforts. Believable characters, no stereotypes, good art and storytelling—it is very exciting to see.

Please keep up the good work. I look forward to sharing your work with my friends, and to seeing when the story goes from here.


Prof. William Foster
Naugatuck Valley Community-Technical College

We are excited by this event.

Shelley Valdez (Laguna)
Project Director

Rob's comment to Mr. Perrot, or anyone who's interested:  We can collaborate if you want. I can supply the comic book materials if you can supply the Native language expertise. See Blue Corn Comics to Serve Native Projects for details.

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