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The Web Fans Speak

What fans of BlueCornComics.com, the Stereotype of the Month contest, and Indian Comics Irregular have said:

  • Good Morning Rob,
  • I am writing to you this mornign to let you know of my impression of your blog and the writing that you do. First and foremost, I am appreciative of the blog that you have created and found great interest in the variables of subject matter and the content of each post. Though, you are not Native American, it is evident that you have chosen a path to provide another voice from Indian Country, for that we should all be grateful.

    In closing, I will continue to visit you blog, to find out what is going on and to get a laugh or too.


    Gary Lujan (6/20/08)
    Land Eagle Gallery

  • Rob,
  • I love the articles you have written on bluecorncomics.com. I am a student interested in sociology and I found that your website is extremely resourceful in covering America's various social and cultural problems. I am also a big comic book fan and I am going to be ordering the 2 issues of your comic soon.


    Jon (11/20/07)

  • Hi there
  • I just wanted to let you know that I linked your site in our Vancouver arts & culture publication, Only Magazine. Thank you for such a great resource!

    Mayana (5/13/07)

    Mayana C. Slobodian
    Only Magazine

  • Thank you for your wonderful articles!
  • Blessings,
    Lyn H. (2/13/07)

  • Thank you for continuing to make my job easier and for bringing light to a world that often has its eyes closed.
  • Teresa Barry (1/1/07)

  • Subj: You Rock
  • Thank You for this site.

    Daniel "The Bear" Rollins (9/27/06)

  • Rob,
  • I appreciate you and the information you share.


    Sophi, Dine'in Bishop, CA (7/23/06)

  • Hello you have a very informative site.
  • Ralph H. Clark (2/22/06)

  • Hello,
  • I'm not sure who runs the Author's Forum (I assume it's you), but I wanted to say thank you for sticking up for a people that has been too long smothered by most Euro-Americans. It was refreshing to see someone fighting for American Indian rights and voicing serious issues that affect them.

    In particular, I enjoy your comments on movies, comics, and other pop culture things. Though I was at first a little angry that some of my favorite movies and comics were ruined (I like X-Men, but now every time I read about Danielle Moonstar in all her stereotypical wonder I feel the cold grip of guilt...damn it!....

    Danielle (1/20/06)

  • Just Found Your Site -- Wow
  • Ani Eric Shining Springer Fox (1/8/06)

  • Dear Mr Rob,
  • [T]hanks so much for your website -- it's brilliant, brilliant and brilliant, and words are lacking.

    All the very best for the continuation of your projects,

    Sincerely yours, Erika (11/10/05)
    Erika Scheidegger
    Assistant in Contemporary Literature
    University of Geneva
    Dept de langue et litérature anglaises
    Faculté des lettres

  • I live in the U.K. and have always been interested in Indian culture something deep within. I know I am not Indian or profess to be. I would like to thank you very much for the hard work put into this site it was so informative thank you.
  • Peter Rennie (8/27/05)

  • Thanks for your latest email issue of the Irregular.
    I really enjoy your work both from an artistic standpoint and also because of the politics.
  • Kim Ground (6/22/05)

  • It is refreshing to have one's profoundest convictions spelled out so plainly!
  • Vibes and hugs,
    Amy (5/28/05)

  • Hello from Oklahoma,
  • I've read this website with much interest. I don't believe I've ever heard the stereotype problem addressed so well in print. I know that I certainly have a hard time getting the point across.

    Thanks for your time,

    Janet Littlecrow (4/16/05)

  • Heya Rob!
  • Its me Aquene (ah kay neh) (Warrioress) from a few groups.

    Anyway..Just to let you know I have been sending your links...to my Native American Weight Lodge...and to some other groups...I really like your articles bro!

    Aquene (4/11/05)

  • Ran across ur site and wanted to say it is awesome! I have a rinky dink MSN site and used some of your articles...and yeah, i did add your link to it...hope you do not mind...http://groups.msn.com/NativeLegacy. I am from Oklahoma with strong ties to the SW...my kids are Tewa, from San Ildefonso Pueblo. In fact my son danced buffalo first time this past January...KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! I LOVE IT!
  • Glenda Deer (3/31/05)

  • Hello Rob,
  • Thank you for maintaining such a wonderful, and unfortunately necessary site.

    Louis Hazard (3/3/05)

  • Keep writing, I get Native News daily and am familiar with your writing....Please never stop doing what you do....
  • Cheryl Barger, New Richmond, Ohio (2/23/05)

  • Your writings are pretty good, some of the best I've found around on the subject.
  • Thanks!

    Mauro Golin (2/19/05)

  • I have read your board for years and I have always been impressed with how well researched you are.
  • I think there should be more people like you both within the Tribes and outside the Tribes.

    KRH (2/1/05)

  • As I was surfing the internet today, I ran across your site. It's outstanding! I wish I had found it earlier!!
  • Sincerely
    E.F. Nowak (1/20/05)

  • Hello,
  • After reading several pages of your website, I felt compelled to write and congratulate you on bringing truth and controversy to the forefront. I found your articles refreshing and informative. Keep up the good work.

    All the best,

    Renee Roman Nose, Southern Cheyenne (12/4/04)

  • This is John Fusco, writer of "Thunderheart," "Dreamkeeper," "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron," etc.
  • I'm a fan of your site and enjoy it very much....Keep up the great work -- it's a terrific site.

    [John Fusco] (12/1/04)

  • Thanks so much for your work on sterotypes -- I look forward in using the material (quoting the excellent source, of course) in my classes. Much love from Switzerland!
  • Erika Scheidegger (10/14/04)

  • My compliments on your site!
  • Marilyn Jansen (8/25/04)

  • Rob (Sorry, I don't know how to address people)
  • I found this site while I was doing research for my English essay about racial stereotypes, and I can't get off it! I'm still in the process of finishing up the essay, but I can't stop reading the numerous comments and issues and facts that have never crossed my mind! This is absolutely the best site for contemporary issues that I've found.

    I'll be visiting many many times! And frequently!

    Sayoko Wu (8/2/04)

  • I am so happy that you replied. I love your website and hold deep respect for Native Americans.
  • Laura Levine (7/31/04)

  • you rock!!!!!!!!!!!! you rock!!!!!!!!!!!! you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nathan (1/21/04)

  • Love your website, keep up the good work!
  • Kathleen Ehli (7/19/03)

  • I am overwhelmed. This is an incredible site. I haven't had time to take-in and process everything I've read in the last hour and a half, but I couldn't leave without comment.
  • I was forming a short unit on stereotypes for my 7th grade students (99 percent of whom are White Mountain Apaches, as I teach in their reservation). I had a vague feel for the unit, in which I wanted them to draw the perfect Apache (depict their own stereotype, which will probably be a man in rodeo attire) then look for images of their people to see what stereotype the world has of them. I knew much of what I'd find would be the Chief Wahoo images, and then we'd do a compare/contrast discussion etc. on Native American stereotypes—then do a similar exercise to see how they perceive a typical member of the Islamic community (probably the terrorist image) compared with the diverse reality of that culture. A week to examine stereotypes they hold and that are held about them—then move on, with the primary objective being to learn what is a stereotype and that they should be careful when they stereotype.

    I did a Yahoo! search and ran into your site and have been humbled by all I've learned. I was especially upset by the whole issue of the French Renault ad—probably because it made me realize how global this whole thing is. I DO remember going to Spain in 1980 and telling people I was from Oklahoma. They asked if it were near California and I said no; Nueva York? No. Texas? Yes, It's near Texas. They immedialy broke into grins and started imitating "Indian war whoops"! At the time (I was a kid!) it was funny. Now I look back and cringe.

    There was not a lot on the web site I hadn't heard or had a slight awareness of, but putting it all together makes one see it in a different way. One example of this new perspective is a reference to the cowboys & Indians game played by millions of little kids. It never dawned on me that the Indians ALWAYS lost in our games. (I wonder how those same games end on my rez?)

    I am going to re-orient my unit (and lengthen it by several weeks). Your website will certainly be the focal point — I want to have an intense focus on the mascot issue, I want them to discuss how stereotypes impact their image of themselves, I want them to write letters, I want ... a HUGE unit with great awareness. I want to THANK YOU for being an incredible resource and a voice crying in the wilderness.

    THANK YOU for pointing the way and giving me an eye-opening experience this morning.

    Teresa (7/12/03)

    P.S. I don't know if you heard this one (perhaps it's on your website and I missed it) but during the just-ended school year, our kids played against a nearby school in Show Low, AZ, which is predominantly white. They started handclapping the "We got spirit, yes we do, we got spirit, how 'bout you?!" chant but changed to words: "We pay taxes, yes we do, we pay taxes, how 'bout you?!" That caused quite a stir in our neck of the woods!

  • I finally have a short breathing space and have done more reading at your site(s). Once again I need to write you a fan letter for the scholarly discourse at your Peace Party site (which I have explored today). I never fail to learn something and it is a real window on some of the thoughts of non-Indians, as well as on-target on presenting much of the thinking of Native Americans. We are all blessed to have such a site.
  • Thanks again.

    Eulala (4/19/03)

  • Heya Nice Sight!
  • Very informative and well put together Rob....

    Corine (8/21/02)

  • Love your website!
  • I think a Saturday morning cartoon version of Peace Party could be huge!

    Peace, Ken Leonard (7/19/02)

  • Hi Rob,
  • How the heck are you!?

    I always value your comments on absurdly guided & misinformed writers like Ms. Cooper of "A Glaring Omission." So much bad writing, so little effort to educate them—except for your website; you rule! Thanks!

    I'm glad we met, eh!

    Trace DeMeyer (7/15/02)
    Pequot Times Editor

  • I understand your position, support and applaud your efforts to point out the many misconceptions regarding Native Americans. It is a hard, uphill battle. We have made some progress, but have a LONG way to go. Arrogance is a deadly sin as far as I am concerned and people with this condition keep reproducing themselves. We have been fighting this battle a long time.
  • I am glad that we finally are getting some positive material out there for others a little less hardheaded. That is where I am spending my efforts, as you know. Let's tell it like it is and give credit where credit is due. We certainly have made significant contributions in every important arena throughout history, so let's tell about it. Your PEACE PARTY is doing a fine job of this, as well as your other activities. I love the Stereotype of the month part of your site. Keep it up.

    Eulala (6/17/02)

  • Dear Rob,
  • I hint at and link to your site on my website quite regularly. ... You are sort of the backbone in my mind denouncing stereotypes in tv-comics. Lots of them.

    Thanks for your work,

    peace & party, Karin :-) (6/15/02)

  • Rob,
  • I wanted to thank you for having a great site. My senior tutorial was "The Genocide of American Indian Cultures Through Assimilation and Misrepresentation." Your site really help me with getting information on my topic and geared me in the right direction as far as finding books and writers to read. Also, there were many good articles that helped me form and focus on my thesis.

    Thank you.

    Molly B. (5/21/02)

  • Greetings Mr. Schmidt,
  • We have enjoyed your editorials for a long time now. Read this morning of your nomination, on native news, for top anti violence web site. Sorry to say that we never realized that you had a web site.

    And a wonderful web site it is.

    We are an Indigenous, Buffalo ranching family.

    Just wanted thank you for what you do for our people.................

    L.T. Wakinyan (4/3/02)

  • Hello Rob,
  • Good Words! Good Work!

    Dan Viets Lomahaftewa (4/2/02)

  • I hate this comment...but "Keep up the good, no the excellent, work that you do!"
  • Tula (3/6/02)

  • In my honest opinion, your site is excellent and it corrects many stereotypes.
  • Al Nava (2/19/02)

  • What you have written regarding the Enron/Indian Link is very important.
  • I thank Creator for your intellectualism, wisdom, humor, the ability to convey your thoughts into the written word and the courage to be public.

    Gail aka Windy (2/5/02)

  • [Your site is] a great resource—sent it to a couple teachers I deal with on occasion.
  • Sheila Spencer Stover (Delaware/Minisink Band/Turtle Clan) (1/17/02)

  • Hey there Rob....I just found bluecorn's website and am enjoying it and so happy I found it so that everytime someone tells me to quit bringing up the past and that there is no racism and it's all in my imagination I can send them to this site. =) Not that it's a good thing all this is still happening but I am from Canada and Canada is rife with denial and polite and subtle racism which is really hard for me to take because I would prefer (if I have to deal with it at all) blatant frontal attacks rather than the slimy insidious sneaky racism.
  • R. Desnomie (Cree) aka rubber duck (1/16/02)

  • It's been a while since I last viewed your site. What a great job you have done!
  • Mike Kohr (12/19/01)

  • Robert, just wanted to send you a quick note. I spent about an hour looking at your website and must say that I was very impressed! I will definitely be coming back to do more reading. Keep up the good work.
  • Norma Sullivan (8/28/01)

  • Dear Rob, tho our views have been often quite different on subjects I have always found you to be upfront and most knowledgeable of the facts you state, in that I have great respect for you no matter our difference in some often hot topics....This post was right on target and states what I believe are the First Nations views on such as well....Like you I'm upfront which tends to make me a target simply because people usually cannot handle the truth....They rather defend something they know is more than just politically incorrect. Men like us who will stand behind their views are rare...and many will try but fail in attempts to dishonor and discredit you/I....I have even had people I know who are non Indian attempt to slander/post things that if investigated would show what I say is more than true...fact....
  • Like yourself I am open and un afraid....that alone scares many....My life is written in many books and well documented so when I read how non Indian I am I must thank the creator for making me red....

    We are both connected, we are all connected....It is just a few who would destroy so much history....It takes but 1 as you have so well stated, I intend to keep the Cornplanter name very much alive and my teachings will not be forgotten in this the 7th generation....Like you we stand when others would sit....

    I thank you for your truth and poignant words when needed, we can learn to agree on disagreeing. After all this is not a perfect world my brother!

    With respect from a brother
    Carhoota Cornplanter (Seneca) (8/22/01)

  • Rob,
    I had your command of the english language,
    your clarity of thought,
    your sense of purpose,
    your determination to right a wrong,
    your desire to educate,
    and your patience to persevere,
    YOU would still be a wonder and a blessing to the Indian Nations.
    I unfortunately do not. So all I can do is do my best, and say a loud and hearty Aho! every time I read one of your Emails to someone who desperately needs your talents.
    Keep up the good work, you are appreciated.
  • With you in Spirit,
    Pat aka Grey Eagle (8/22/01)

  • Your website is spectacular and I enjoy going through it every month. I have used some of the material you have provided to send to educators to help them grasp the issues. Thank you for providing these services.
  • Christine Rose, STAR-STAR (8/14/01)

  • in spite of your (invalid) criticism you receive on alt.native, i wanted to let you know that there are some native people that applaud and appreciate your efforts to bring this information, via your website, to mainstream america, indeed globally. i was cussed and called an "apple" (i am still not clear where that came from) when i objected to the serious (and it was) [posting] regarding "how you can tell an indian" (by genetic traits). as a professional deeply involved in both legal and social justice, i applaud your informational approach to education. thanks again i shall recommend your website at the university and on the rez's as the opportunity presents itself.
  • Sharon Reddeer (7/26/01)

  • hi rob,
    i really love your work and the irregulars. thanks for that!
  • i´m glad that people like you exist, rob. your work is really great. your mails, personal or automatic, are most welcome.

    Karin Schnurpfeil (7/26/01)

  • Love your website!
  • Shiela Baker (7/24/01)

  • I think you do some very good work at tearing apart stereotypes."
  • Al Carroll (7/5/01)

  • Hi Rob!
  • Really like the analysis done here....Nicely balanced and thought out."

    Helga Murray (6/12/01)

  • You know, I'm glad I stumbled upon your site and yourself. I appreciate your being different from other Americans. I once said on the net that Americans are genocidal -- you should have seen what the Americans on that newsgroup told me! And I only stated facts!
  • Nadia (6/9/01)

  • I just wanted to tell you not to let what they say bother you. What you're doing is great and better than anything they've done! I really admire a guy brave enough to take a stand on things that matter the way you do.
  • "Rhonda Love," (6/6/01)

  • You do an excellent job. I wish more people had contact with people like you and Sherman Alexie and others. I rarely see comic strips and have little interest in them. I stay on this list because of the great job you do on all subjects. I send your posts to various others.
  • Janet Paden, librarian (5/15/01)

  • First thanks for the information and articles on the on going debate over the comic book industry! Additionally, thanks for the fact that you represent Native Americans in your story lines!
  • Michael Brown, Ghettostone Publishing Co. (4/29/01)

  • Hello Rob, I must say I've never seen a member of another race defend another one so strongly as you. Do you have red blood in ya ??? I commend you. More people should look at and respect other cultures...
  • E. Franklin Graham, comic book creator (3/11/01)

  • Thanks for the latest e-mail. I love the historical perspective.
  • William H. Foster, comic book historian (2/13/01)

  • Went through the comments on your web site. You are amazing and filled with much knowledge on culture and comics. I have to admit the only comics I ever read were long ago, a few Archie and Veronica's (showing the culture I was raised in,, eh?) I am impressed with your insight and feel you are right on target.
  • Your wisdom needs to be in all schools! We will soon be going out into schools and libraries with our Community Radiation Education Program. I will show your comic book and give out your web site.

    Suzanne Westerly, photojournalist, News from Indian Country (2/7/01)

  • I love the way you keep up with things and encourage us to do so also.
  • Valena Dismukes (African/Choctaw), photographer (11/25/00)

  • I still love your stuff and use it a lot in teacher workshops and education progams....Whether you know it or not, you and Peace Party have been a great support system for my work in the National Park Service. I regret that those of little vision in my rank don't take advantage of your information and enlightened mind. Not only have you added to my public programming, but your essays are excellent information for Equal Opportunity Programs sponsored by the NPS. You'd definitely be a guest speaker if I were still at Satwiwa.
  • Hopefully you already know that I wish you the best of everything!!

    Pam Darty (Muskogee), educator, National Park Service (11/15/00)

  • Dear Robert Schmidt,
  • I think your ICI messages are GREAT! The links are interesting and easy to navigate, and I often have difficulty pulling myself away. I've been on your list about 3 months now.

    I'm a cultural anthropologist teaching at a leading-edge art college. My students are mostly majors in illustration, graphic design, computer animation, and photography. After getting their BFAs they'll go to work creating mass media images. Many set their sights on Disney (we have 19 alumni there now, aaaagh!), Dreamworks, Hallmark, etc.

    A major part of my courses is the continual "deconstruction" of mass-media images and the media-packaging of information and perceptions about "cultural others." Our student body is more than 90% white and about 60% male. They REALLY need enlightenment!

    Our new president has designated "diversity" as a number one problem to be addressed — and I've sent him, our VP, and our Library Director the ICI site as one to bookmark and forward to the Diversity Task Force. I also sent it to our Literature guy, who's working on his PhD dissertation on literature of comics and has designed a team-taught course on comics with an illustration faculty. I've also moved many of your sattelite-links into a hot-link bibliography in my Word files, so I can forward links to students at appropriate times in the semester via e-mail.

    For the past couple of years I've been developing teaching materials that address tacit messages about skin color and ethnicity conveyed through "graphic infrastructure" — independent of overt "content." This includes such things as design of perceived distance from the subject, interposition (in front/behind), body integrity (missing or truncated parts), hierarchy (higher/lower), contiguity (graphic connection/separation), focus (clarity/blurring), graphic equivalencies, etc. I'm looking particularly at ads, news photos, and pseudo-educational publications (such as National Geographic and "coffee-table books"). In the fall I'll be presenting some of this as a paper in a teaching-multiculturalism panel at the Southeastern College Art Conference, and hope to develop it into something publishable eventually.

    You can see how your own work augments and enriches my teaching resources, is perfect for our students, and enlarges the questions that they (and I) can ask and explore. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such an important resource!

    Do you ever do speaking gigs? Or workshops? You could definitely generate a lot of excitement on our campus.

    Yours truly,

    Carolyn M. Bloomer, Ph.D. (5/5/00)
    Coordinator, Cultural Beliefs Curriculum
    Ringling School of Art and Design
    Sarasota FL

    We get criticism....
    Not all is sunshine and happiness at BlueCornComics.com. Here are some of the critiques we occasionally get:

    "You are pretentious and self-righteous, and have no business 'defending' people from one of the greatest family-bonding organizations in America."
    "As an indigenous American I find your persistence and unneeded attacks very distasteful and counter productive."
    "[Y]ou've embraced the 'plight of the Indians' and are trying to make a name for yourself as being some sort of authority on anything that's Indian."
    I was at your website and I think that your comic book sucks."

    Rob's comment
    I've provided these commendations not because I have a big ego, although I do. I've provided them because I sometimes receive mail from people, usually non-Indians, protesting one or another of my postings. They sometimes make the unprovable claim that I'm doing a disservice to Native people, or to all minorities. They claim that people, especially Natives, don't support my work.

    The comments above are representative of the comments I receive. They refute the occasional naysayers. These nattering nabobs of negativism don't know what they're talking about.

    More on what Web fans think
    ICI used to justify classes
    Brains enough to criticize

    What other people are saying

    Thank you for continuing to make my job easier and for bringing light to a world that often has its eyes closed.

    Teresa Barry

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