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Unfunny Sunday Funnies

A response to Unfunny Sunday Funnies—from correspondent Janet Paden:

I found the offending strip at the library and decided to change my vote from Hart-in-Denial to Hart-Colossal-Liar. Although there is a microscopically thin line between being in denial and being a colossal liar...I should know.

Hardly anyone outside a rural, WASPy, white-bread paradise like the one I live in could imagine that the cartoon wasn't both stupid and offensive and that there would be no repercussions. Your comment about normality applies of course. Civil rights, changed laws, the media, loud activism, etc do quite a lot of good obviously, but what you encounter routinely through your life and are forced to come to terms with is what determines your mindset on these matters. For most anyway.

You do an excellent job. I wish more people had contact with people like you and Sherman Alexie and others. I rarely see comic strips and have little interest in them. I stay on this list because of the great job you do on all subjects. I send your posts to various others.

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