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Q:  How do we interest today's jaded youth in Native American culture?  How do we get them to read?

A:  PEACE PARTY, a multicultural comic book featuring Native Americans.

PEACE PARTY stars two young heroes who battle everything from prejudice and pollution to supervillains and the supernatural. It uses the superhero genre to tell character-based stories not steeped in sex or violence. It aims to depict Native people as they are today, free from myths or stereotypes.

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For comic book dealers
PEACE PARTY #1 and #2 are in the stores now. If you're a comic book retailer, you can order PEACE PARTY through Diamond Comic Distributor. Issue #1 is #MAY991326 and #2 is #JUL991265. PEACE PARTY is also distributed through Cold Cut Distribution. Use #PEAP001 and #PEAP002 as order numbers.

Of course, all retailers can order direct from Blue Corn Comics. Order PEACE PARTY for your establishment and get our substantial retailer discount. We'll also give you bonus copies for your first order, sign the copies, and offer other incentives.

Interesting footnote
At the First Americans in the Arts award ceremony in Feb. 2000, PEACE PARTY #1-2 sold for $65.00 (!) at the silent auction. Seriously. That may be the best sign yet that people are willing to pay for this product.

For more information
If you have any questions, or to review a free copy of PEACE PARTY for your business, e-mail the publisher or call (310) 641-8931.

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