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Political Cartoons 2000

PP #1 Based on the preliminary election results:

Looks like George
Bush won and Slade
Gorton lost.
So we elected a drunk
and got rid of a skunk?

I hear Bush is
trying to steal
the election.

At least the white
folks are robbing
from each other this
time, not from us.

Dubya says
he trusts the
American people.
Yeah, if they're
Republicans, lawyers,
or judges.

The next prez may
be a substance abuser,
poorly educated, who
gets by on handouts....
Hmph. And they
say us skins
are bad!


And from before the election:

What was that whole
Elian thing about? Give
me the short version.
White refugees good.
Brown refugees bad.
Brown Commie refugees good.

Have you decided
who you're voting

Are you kidding?
There's never been
a more clearcut
distinction between
the candidates.

Why bother? It
won't make any

I thought
Gore and Bush
were running.

Washington state's
GOP wants to abolish
Indian reservations.

What do you
think? Our
nations are
Can they do that?

So I'd better
start packing
my bags, eh?

Really, what's
so scary about
George "Dubya"?

Would that
be so

Oooh, I
feel sick.

Three words:
Chief Justice

John Wayne...
in a black dress.

As well
you should.

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Words by Rob Schmidt
Art by Ron Fattoruso and Rob Schmidt—except cartoon with black background by JP Dupras and Mark Heike.

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