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The Fans Speak

I read the first two issues with peace party with some degree of trepidation. Since we started this mag, i've had to read a lot of work which while well intentioned, and irrespective of the passion of the creators for their work, simply wasn't ready to be put on the Market. Thankfully, this wasn't the case with Peace Party. I like the package, the artwork is very competent and I like your writing, especially your clearly defined POV's and personalities for the main characters. We'll review them in issue three of JC& M.

The one problem i had with the first issue was the Indian/Mining Company subplot. While i'm sure it will become relevant in planned later issues, in #1 and 2 it really wasn't germane to the story being told INMO. Especially in issue #1, I found it an unwelcome distraction from the story of your two main characters, and the amount of time spent on it crossed the line into preachy for me. The Balance in issue 2 was tilted more heavily towards the perils of the two cousins, and i was a much happier camper.

Hope you can get the others out and get the proper exposure.

L.A. Merritt
Associate Editor-Just Comics and More
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

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