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The Fans Speak


We just got off tour and had the opportunity to read your comic. It's awesome! Peace Party is inspirational, educational, and revolutionary. When we as Indigenous people are being stripped of who we are in this neo-colonialistic monoculture, you are giving us a breath of fresh air. For too long our identities have been denied or twisted, whether in history books or on the face of some sports team mascot. Only now are we starting to emerge from the dark shadows of Columbus, Agenda 21, Kit Carson, and John Wayne. Hopefully your comix will reach into the hearts and minds of our newer generations and give them that spark and that reflection that reminds them that they're not just consumers shaped by, for, and of this capitalistic society. We all have a more spiritual, healthy connection to ourselves and our environment through our indigenous teachings. We need to work together to protect and sustain those teachings, especially in a society that has kids killing kids, so much homelessness, poverty, pollution and despair. May Peace Party continue with much support and good intention, and hopefully in a few years well have a generation of super heroes!

Keep the spirit alive,

P.S. We are touring the Diné rez in January. If you have any information or flyers for your comix, we could distribute some at our shows. We'll set up a link to your site too.

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