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Proposal for Radio Interviews

Natives and Non-Natives Speak Out on Multiculturalism...
and Multicultural Comic Books

I've put together interviews on my favorite subject: the need for a multicultural and Native American perspective. I feel it's a vital issue for everyone in America. It cuts to the question of whether we're going to respect people's differences or force everyone to be the same.

The starting point for these interviews is my PEACE PARTY comic. A multicultural comic book...featuring Native Americans...by a non-Native author...is a great hook. Several hooks, actually. Anyone who hears that has to stop and think, "Wow, that's an unusual topic. I've got to find out more about it."

But that will just be a springboard to talk about the broader issues that concern us all. How the mainstream media ignores or stereotypes minorities, especially Native Americans. How the mainstream culture dismisses the values that have made indigenous cultures strong. How people of all colors are working to address these problems.

I've already done one interview like this on K103 Mohawk radio. I partnered with Steve Russell, a Cherokee professor and judge. I think our inside- and outside-the-culture tandem worked well. Steve made some great points about Indians being lawyers and having a sense of humor—things most Americans still don't "get."

Celebrity lineup
So far, I've lined up several prominent Native Americans to participate in interviews. Among them are:

I list these alternatives for a couple of reasons. For one, a particular show may not fit with someone's schedule. For another, the shows will focus on different areas (entertainment, news, lifestyle, youth) and geographic regions, so different people may be suitable for each show.

I trust these interviews will be rewarding for everyone who participates. And even more rewarding for the audience tuning in. Please contact me to proceed, and thank you for your consideration.

Rob Schmidt

Radio producers can get a free copy of the K103 Mohawk radio interview to see how it went. Just contact Rob and ask.

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