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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

I don't know if it's shown in America, but there's a celebrity news quiz here in the UK called "Have I Got News For You". In one round, the contestants have to guess a missing word in a newspaper headlines. Once it's guessed correctly, the host gives a summary of the story and rounds it of with a joke.

It's a great show, but there was a pretty ugly lapse a couple of weeks back. One headline was "Sioux on warpath over strip club". The summary given by the host was "A Native American man visited the Crazy Horse strip club in an effort to get it to change its name. He failed, but he found a new way to keep his tipi up".

Okay, for obvious reasons, people aren't that clued up on Native American issues in Britain, so some insensitivity should, unfortunately, be expected. But anyone can see that it was an offensive joke (and a pretty weak one, at that).

A reader in the UK

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