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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

Injuns Threaten Christians Even From Beyond the Grave!

Earlier this summer, during the excavation process, workers uncovered hundreds of pieces of crude, pointed rock, primitive spears, bones, and arrows. These were being sucked up by and clogging some of our more expensive machines. The bones were originally offered to the animals at the Freehold Humane Society, and when they wouldn't accept them, they were reconfigured and placed in our "Heathen Museum" as part of a junior high school archeology project. Landover children were given the bones and asked to determine which bones fit into which sockets and to connect them, much like completing a jigsaw puzzle. "We lost hundreds of femurs," said teacher Miss Paltry, "cause all the boys were using them to play baseball. When it came time to reconstruct the bodies, we only had one Injun who had legs. We had a big old time laughing at the sight of a whole tribe of legless Injuns!" The re-constructed bodies were then dressed in non-authentic savage clothing (since Injuns have no respect for Christian decency and tend to display their red behinds as freely as their counterparts in Hell) and placed in cases in the museum.

Pastor Deacon Fred
Public Relations Coordinator
Landover Baptist Church
e-mail pastor@landoverbaptis.org

A reader responds

The insulting and racist tones of Landover Baptist Church is most disgusting. You may think this is comical, but it is far from being humorous. To call our people heathens and drunken injuns is despicable. I care not that you state that it is in jest. It can only further the Hollywood and "dime novel" stereotypical portrayal of a people who have always acted as your own Bible says that Jesus Christ commanded ALL peoples to act. It is a wonder that you did not call the Jewish peoples Kike and the Chinese people Chinks. Of course it does not surprise me that you did not, because that would be "politically incorrect", but it is "just fine" to spread insults and lies about our people. The sad part is that the First Amendment of The Constitution of the United States of America gives you the right to spread this type of language. By that same Amendment, I have the same right to speak out in protest against your spreading such untruths about our peoples to children everywhere. Yes I saw the statement that it is for persons over the age of 18. But you know as well as I that children much younger are going to be seeing your webpages, and being at impressionable ages and emotional stages, they are very likely to take what you claim to be satire as being truthful words. CUT THE CRAP!!!

Good be to you!

Rob's comment
This site claims to be a "satirical newsletter/website published by Americhrist Ltd." Most of its content does seem to be a satire of the religious right. This piece, however, is a satire about Indians, not a satire using Indians to satirize something else.

The piece repeats many Indian stereotypes and gives the untutored reader no reason to believe they're false. Thus the site gets listed here. For more on the common fallacy that because something is "humor," it can't be stereotypical, go to "It's Just a [Fill in the Blank]."

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Website uses "Injun" stereotypes to satirize Christians

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