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Blue Corn Comics Launches Contests for Youth
"Create a Native Superhero" Joins Fun-Filled Lineup

Blue Corn Comics is pleased to announce several contests aimed at Indian and other youngsters. Foremost among them is the new "Create a Native Superhero" challenge. The contest's premise is simple: Given the rough outline of a hero, create such details as the character's origin, background, and appearance.

"We want superheroes that reflect Native life today," says Blue Corn Comics publisher Rob Schmidt. "Heroes who are rich with their cultural heritage, yet free from harmful myths and stereotypes. Characters like these are few and far between in today's colorless publishing environment."

The winning entrants will receive credit, a pin-up drawing, and a guest-starring role in the story introducing their character. All entrants will have their work showcased on the Blue Corn website. The contest will continue until a superpowered team of Native heroes is complete.

"This contest is open to everyone," adds Schmidt, "but it's a great way for Native youth to develop their research, writing, and artistic abilities. We hope this will charge kids to go on and do their own projects. Anything that fosters their creativity is to be encouraged."

For more information on the "Create a Native Superhero" contest, visit http://www.bluecorncomics.com/makehero.htm.

Ongoing Contests
The two new contests join Blue Corn's other contests already in progress. These others include:

For more information on all of Blue Corn Comics's contests, visit the Contests page at http://www.bluecorncomics.com/contest1.htm.

Rob Schmidt
Blue Corn Comics

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