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Create a Native American Superhero
Enter early and often...and WIN!

The deal
Help create our Native American superheroes...and win a prize!

A team of Native American superheroes sworn to protect an America that scorns and reviles them. Led by a mysterious benefactress, these heroes fight everything from prejudice and pollution to supervillains and the supernatural. (Yep, it's a Native version of the X-Men—only better.)

The heroes come from all across Native America. Billy and Drew, the two Pueblo Indians who call themselves Peace Party, are members of this team, but the team is bigger than they are. The team has a contemporary, cutting edge and sometimes fights where Billy and Drew wouldn't.

I've written specifications for some Native superheroes. Although we've specified their basic powers, the rest of the information is incomplete. "Minor" details like the heroes' origin, background, personality, and costume need filling in.

That's where we hope you'll help us. Anything with a [To be determined] tag awaits your input. And even if something seems settled, we'll consider your opinion.

About the only requirement is to make these heroes as authentic, as true to the cultures they come from, as possible. That doesn't mean they should be stereotypical. But any authentic touches—from details of their origin to symbols on their costumes—may help give the flavor of verisimilitude.

Deadlines and decisions
The contest ends on the date listed or whenever the character is complete—whichever comes last. Depending on the size of the contribution, we may have multiple winners per character. We'll recognized everyone who contributes something significant.

Prizes (Winners)

Prizes (Everyone who enters)

With that in mind, go for it!

A young rebel running from her life

A kooky kid who can't tell up from down

More Native superheroes created
The rules don't mention creating your own Native hero from scratch, but some people have done it anyway. I've recognized their efforts by posting their entries here.

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The legal nitty-gritty:  All decisions about the winners—i.e., about whose and which contributions are chosen—are final. All entries become the property of Blue Corn Comics. Void where prohibited by law.

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