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Trivia Questions
Enter early and often...and WIN!

Match the performers with their tribes  (2 pts.)
Who's the famous Indian?  (1 pt.)
Who made the pottery?  (2 pts.)
Which village is it?  (2 pts.)
Who's the Nazi girl?  (1 pt.)

Who were Coyote's kin?  (2 pts.)
What were the "white men's flies"?  (1 pt.)
Who was the scalper?  (2 pts.)
Why celebrate August 10?  (2 pts.)
Which nation was the richest?  (2 pts.)
Which American woman is most honored?  (1 pt.)
Who was the "Indian Napoleon"?  (1 pt.)
Match the Yurok purchases to their prices  (3 pts.)
Which plants aren't Native American?  (3 pts.)
What was George Washington's Indian nickname?  (2 pts.)
Why did the Cherokee warrior try to kill himself?  (3 pts.)
What was actress Maria Cruz's most famous role?  (1 pt.)
Who supposedly founded the "Tonto Institute for Communication"?  (3 pts.)
How did Columbus punish Indians who didn't pay tribute on time?  (2 pts.)
Which sports did Native people invent?  (2 pts.)
What were the Indians' greatest architectural achievements?  (2 pts.)
Who signed the most Indian treaties in US history?  (3 pts.)
Who's the greatest evildoer?  (2 pts.)
When and where was the first treaty signed between Indians and Europeans?  (3 pts.)
Who was the first Indian depicted in a Plains-style headdress?  (3 pts.)
Who was the best president for Indians?  (2 pts.)
What was the first American concentration camp?  (2 pts.)

Which states will have a nonwhite majority in 2025?  (2 pts.)
Which state was the most multicultural at the end of the 19th century?  (3 pts.)
Name the US states with the smallest Native population  (3 pts.)
Which two "Latin" countries have an indigenous majority?  (2 pts.)
Which is the whitest state in the Union?  (2 pts.)
Which states don't have Native names?  (3 pts.)

Why did we name the company "Blue Corn Comics"?  (3 pts.)

Win a prize!
Each trivia question has a point value. Earn three points by answering questions correctly and you'll receive one of the following prizes:

  • "A History of Natives in Comics"  [PowerPoint presentation]
  • "Hercules vs. Coyote: Native and American Comics"  [PowerPoint presentation]
  • Native Voices interview with Jean Bruce Scott, Randy Reinholz, and Arigon Starr  [.mp3]
  • "Super Indian" interview with Arigon Starr  [.mp3]
  • All you have to do is answer enough questions to earn three points, then alert Rob about it. He'll send you instructions on how to download the file of your choice.

    If you win one prize, you can continue earning points until you win the remaining prizes. So what are you waiting for?

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