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Multiculturalism Defined

Another response to Multiculturalism Defined:

>> Perhaps I'm wrong here, but it seem to me that you are constantly trashing Western civilization and its achievements. You claim to be a multicultural website, yet I can't see anywhere in your website that includes whites into the equation as well <<

Celebrations of white people and Western civilization are rampant in our society. I'd say my site provides the missing balance. See the ending of This Ain't No Party, This Ain't No Disco: A Columbus Day Rant, for example. It doesn't say other cultures are superior to Western civilization. It says all cultures have their good and bad points.

When white people say something I agree with—something that isn't the conventional wisdom already—I note it. See my comments on Adam Smith and the Founding Fathers, for example. On the other hand, I criticize Indians whom I don't agree with or who stereotype their own people.

Incidentally, I'm white myself, not Native. See Biographs and More Background on the Publisher for more details.

Rob Schmidt

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