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The Wall Street Journal's Hatchet Job on Indians

The Wall Street Journal has attacked Indians repeatedly in recent years. None of these attacks have been particularly fair or unbiased. Like Time and its infamous anti-Indian series, the newspaper seems to have it in for America's first people.

Below are the entries that have earned the WSJ a place of dishonor in the Stereotype of the Month contest:

WSJ:  Tribal sovereignty is "little-known quirk of federal law"
Tribes want to freeze themselves in past like museum displays
"Defunct" tribes seek gaming via "nonsense" of sovereignty
Tribal regulation = letting Yankees umpire their own games
WSJ's Murray:  Indians are the "villain...behind the tree"
Fund:  California casino tribes "aim to run the whole state"
WSJ:  Indian gaming doesn't benefit "the poor Indians"
WSJ:  "Smoke signals" suggest Indians stole SD election
WSJ:  "Bureau of Casino Affairs" and "tribes" run casinos
WSJ decries rich Indians with motorboats in driveways
WSJ calls Gov. Pataki "big chief," "great white father"

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