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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Typical Injun Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

Native Americans
From Encyclopedia Dramatica

Native Americans, or "injuns", as they like to be called, are the indigenous peoples of America. They got pwned by Columbus during the colonization of America, and their spirits have been crushed ever since. Native americans are relatively untrollable due to widespread depression about their decimation. Either that or they're too fucked up on high gravity beer and don't respond. The Indian reservations don't sell alcohol on Sundays, so an alcohol substitute was created by diluting a bottle of cheap hairspray, usually the 99 cent Aqua Net, in a gallon of water. This beverage in known as ocean. When you drink it it makes you want to pass out on the railroad tracks. This usually results in the consumer getting pwned by a freight train. If you're in search of the red nigger, normally you can find them in KFC, spending their government cheques while clutching to their crack babies, bitching about how they live on a reserve yet never make the effort to get a job. Most female injuns become Teenmommies by the age of 13.

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* 1 Slurs
* 2 Prominent Native Americans
* 3 Injuns, America's First Furries
* 4 Legacy
* 5 See Also:

[edit] Slurs

America has failed it as a nation in coming up with a winning epithet for the native american, mainly due to troll's remorse. These failures include:

* red nigger
* rez nigger
* bush nigger
* redskin
* chief
* cochese
* squaw
* how
* firewater
* Kawish (for Canadian natives Innus who come from Labrador, newfoundland, nunavut and all those shitty territories where nobody but them lives. They can be easily recognized as they are all catholics, fat, and been smoking and sniffing gazoline-in-a-bag since the age of 5.)

The best slur was actually thought of by the injuns themselves: Apple, red on the outside, white on the inside.

[edit] Prominent Native Americans

Cher — famous slut

That Guy From The Village People — legendary faggot

The Crying Indian — anti-littering wussy

Injun Joe — foe of Captain America

Deviantartlet Injun Joe — epic emo gheyness (not an actual injun)

Geronimo and his Apache Murderers

Phaedriel, Wikipedia's hottest emo slut

[edit] Injuns, America's First Furries

Prone to eating peyote, sitting in sweat lodges, and hallucinating that they had "animal spirits", injuns inadvertently pioneered furrydom in America. Long before neckbearded basement-dwellers ever thought of themselves as purple otters, the injuns had pictured themselves as wolves, rubbed excrement on their faces, and bayed at the moon.

[edit] Legacy

Actually, the only legacy they left behind them are gambling and casino establishments, that they use to get back what they deserve. Too bad it ain't working...

Rob's comment
This "satire" come from the Encyclopedia Dramatica, which apparently is a whole website dedicated to spoofing encyclopedic sites such as Wikipedia. The creators of Encyclopedia Dramatica have the nerve to compare their work to Ambrose Bierce's Devil's Dictionary.

This shows that ED's creators are either ignorant or delusional—I'm not sure which. Bierce used razor-sharp wit to skewer the pretensions of the high and mighty. ED's creators aren't even half-wits compared to him. Their so-called humor isn't in the same ballpark as their intended targets.

Tellingly, the site has no entries for "big business," "Enron," or "oil companies." The entry on George W. Bush makes fun of his intellectual mistakes but not his invasion of Iraq or violations of the Constitution. The entry for "racism" implies that all races are equally guilty of it.

ED's creators are attacking vulnerable minorities as if they, not the white majority, are responsible for the nation's ills. Yeah, let's blame blacks and Hispanics for global warming, the national debt, the lack of affordable healthcare, etc. The word for that is racism, and that's no joke.

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