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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

Weekend Edition
July 29/30 2006

The American-Indian Political Action Committee
(In the Beginning)


Sitting Bulldozer ... Okay. Let's practice speech one more time.

Kosher Horse ... Okay. But you speak-um first! And me pretend I am important pale-face from Manhattan.

Sitting Bulldozer ... Okay, Kosher Horse The white man are such nice people!

Kosher Horse ... Yeah. Especially Custer. Too bad he get massacre at Little Big Horn. Once I look him in eye, and me think him can do business with Indian. General Custer was "man of peace," and deserves big white-man award!

Sitting Bulldozer ... Yeah. But mebbe Custer should have taken our trinkets, and went home big hero, with full benefits.

Kosher Horse ... Hmm. Mebbe Indian can get Christian support? We have solid base with Joseph Smith who likes us when Indian behave according to his Great Spirit book.

Sitting Bulldozer ... No, Kosher Horse! Other Christians no like Joseph Smith. He take too many wives, and white-man send long-knives after him! He pack up tee-pee and move to Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, with him in-laws.

Kosher Horse ... Mebbe President Buchanan have young son willing to subvert Manifest Destiny in Indian favor?

Sitting Bulldozer ... Hmm. Me think Buchanan bachelor, and him have only one daughter, living in former Iroquois territory.

Kosher Horse ... Mebbe we can get her to make "land for peace" deal?

Sitting Bulldozer ... Nah. She too high-toned for that, and want too many trinkets for that type deal. Indian better off talking with Mitt. Indian can supply squaw & cheap labor to complete Big Boston Dig!

Kosher Horse ... Hmm. Mebbe we can convince long-knives that Indian really is lost tribe of Israel?

Sitting Bulldozer ... Hmm. You on to something, Kosher Horse! Mebbe they let Indian speak with Abramoff, and him get us casino at Traveling Stone.

Kosher Horse ... Is that all? Indian want honorary massacre museum on West Bank of Potomac too!

Sitting Bulldozer ... Hmm. You go out on limb, Kosher Horse! But a wise man must never be afraid to ask.

Rob's comment
I think this piece is supposed to be satirizing white hypocrisy. But whether it intends to or not, it satirizes (and stereotypes) Indians much more than it does whites. The main problems are Tonto talk and funny Indian names, which spoof Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse.

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