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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:


Leigh Allan: Moniker means moola

By Leigh Allan

Dayton Daily News

Enough already of the arguments about what should be cut to cope with Dayton's budget crisis. It's time to change from the pessimism of downsizing services to the optimism of increased revenues, time to get innovative about income.

Unfortunately, the current effort is being done by a committee, which eliminates innovation. Or at least it would have eliminated innovation except I've come up with a can't-miss way to make us the center of the business world.

En route to the ideal solution, I passed over a couple of others that could provide quicker financial help. One was to set up toll booths on I-75.

This would initially reap millions, then, as drivers learned alternative routes, provide us with a beautiful, uncluttered highway.

The other, of course, was to declare that Jonathan Dayton was — surprise! — an American Indian, and thus the entire city could circumvent federal and state law and become a giant casino.

Rob's comment
In the paragraph above, Allan implies phonies are doing the same thing as Dayton: declaring themselves to be Indians, then using their status to "circumvent federal and state law and become a giant casino." He's referring to cases such as the Schaghticokes in Connecticut, the Lumbees in North Carolina, and the Graton Rancheria in California, none of which is phony. In short, he's implying Indians are fraudulent, corrupt, and greedy—take your pick.

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