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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

This appeared in the May 6th News & Observer Op-ed page.

Chad Locklear

An editorial reply
Let's let a newspaper editorial address the implications of this cartoon. From the Wilmington Morning Star:

Last updated: April 06. 2004 12:00AM

Lumbees deserve full recognition

Politicians are playing cynical games with the Lumbee Indians again. The Lumbees, most of whom live in Robeson County, have been losing such games since 1888.

For more than 100 years, the tribe has been asking for full federal recognition. That would entitle members to benefits offered to other tribes, such as money for economic development, housing, education and health.

The latest attempt to confer full recognition is being pushed by Rep. Mike McIntyre and Sen. Elizabeth Dole. (Her predecessor, Jesse Helms, had opposed it.)

As usual, other Indian tribes are on the other side. Their reasons are mostly selfish. They don't want to share the federal aid. And these days, they might not want to share any potential customers for gambling casinos.

The possibility of a Lumbee casino also has won them new enemies folks who oppose gambling, or possibly find it an acceptable excuse for wanting to deny help to the Lumbees, who, Lord knows, could use it.

But if the Lumbees got recognition, a casino would not follow automatically. The tribe would have to negotiate with the state, and the state and a lot of other people might object.

In any case, the issue isn't whether the Lumbees could, or would, build a temple of greed near I-95. The issue is whether they deserve the same rights and benefits as other tribes.

Clearly, they do.

Rob's comment
Among the cartoon's flaws:

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