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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:


Restless Spirit / vox
Johnny Yuma / bass
Whölley Smökkes / guitar
Stoned Wolf / guitar
Sitting Duck / drums

The band members are really just regular guys, until they are needed to play, then the Indian ghost warrior spirit entities are called upon, and possess them prior to walking on stage, where these ancients convey their mystic messages, and speak to the center of the audiences souls. The masks are a conduit to channeling these spirits, containing them in the conscious of the band members. Most of the band members, who also play under a different name (Los Olvidados) are barely aware of their actions during the performance, and rest inside the mind in a trance-like state. The difference in the music between the two bands is proof that they are indeed, two different bands, with two different driving forces.

Rob's comment
This band stereotypes Indian in several ways:

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