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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

Warrior Nations

Background Information

Emerging from the pages of history, the Warrior Nations have arrived. The Warrior Nations are based on the Native Americans, their pride is our pride, their struggle is our struggle, and their defiance of the inevitable is ours as well.

We are a collective of aggressive warriors whom intend to change the face of BattleMail. Currently there are 4 such Nations:

the Dakota
the Iroquois
the Algonquin
the Athabascan

As we continue to grow and we have warriors willing and able enough to lead their fellow warriors, we will be adding the following nations:

the Shoshone

Each Nation has a Chief and an appointed Warchief. The remainder of each Nation are the Braves. The Nations are overseen by the Chief of All Nations, whom is assisted by the Warchief of All Nations, the Shaman and the Elder. In addition to the 4 executive positions each Nation Chief will also be on the Warrior Nations Ruling Council.

Being a Nation or Tribal Chief is not a permanent position. The Chief should be the strongest warrior in each Nation or Tribe, therefore the Braves have the periodic opportunity to earn the Chiefs position for themselves.

The Chief or Warchief of each Nation or Tribe can form raiding parties for small scale skirmishes, but only the Chief can form war parties for larger scale confrontations.

The greatest honor granted to a warrior is the taking of a scalp. This is very difficult to achieve and those whom accomplish it will have songs sung about their deed around the campfires across the Nations. Second to this is counting coup, easier to accomplish but it will still prove the warriors mettle.


Warrior Nations

The Rules

Leadership of each Nation
POW Ruling Council
Raiding Parties
War Parties
Taking Scalps
Size of each Nation
Emergence of Tribes
Emergence of a New Nation
A Warrior is Born
A Warrior is Banished

Rob's comment
"The Warrior Nations are based on the Native Americans....We are a collective of aggressive warriors"—that pretty much gives you the idea of this site's stereotypes.

Among the problems with this site's claims, Native defeat arguably wasn't "inevitable." See Was Native Defeat Inevitable? for details. Also, few Native tribes were warlike. Of those that were, even fewer took scalps as a practice.

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