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Multiculturalism Defined

A response to Multiculturalism Defined—specifically to the "Multiculturalism Terrorized" section:

>> I have heard this theme again and again, and I read with interest your take on it -- that we (or you, or I) did not suddenly meld or morph into one being without individuality <<

We melded into one entity that agreed killing 3,000 Americans is bad...period. We're still divided on every other issue, such as whether Afghans deserve the same respect as Americans, whether 9/11 justifies throwing away our civil rights, and whether Bush should continue giving away our tax money to corporate America.

>> So we have put aside the intra-country focused "we" -- AngloAmerican, AfricanAmerican -- against "them" -- FemaleAmerican, KoreanAmerican -- whatever, and instead have taken up the extra-country focused "we" -- UnitedStatesAmerican -- against "them" -- "Muslim." <<

You said it! I love it how white, Christian males like my friend Tom claim that everyone else is subdividing and balkanizing the country while good Americans like him believe only in equality. He says that as a member of various Bar associations and church groups, while his son probably attends a private school. He's rabidly American and opposes all those foreigners who want to move here...but he's not part of a self-centered, exclusive enclave. Uh-huh, sure he isn't.

Actually, I don't think we've united in any real sense. Look at all the criticism peaceniks and the media are getting for not supporting the war effort 100%. Or at Bush trying to pretend all his divisive initiatives are necessary for national security. Or at Falwell blaming feminists and secular humanists for 9/11. Or at white supremacist groups using 9/11 to recruit new members.

No, I'm afraid it's the same old America. It was Eisenhower, Hoover, McCarthy hearings, and Communism in the '50s and it's Bush, Ashcroft, secret tribunals, and terrorism in the '00s. We're "united" in seeking simplistic solutions to complex problems.

As a result, the conservative half of the country wants to return us to an anti-democratic America yet again. The liberal half of the country is confused between standing up for its principles and wanting revenge against terrorists. The conservative half has it good: They don't have any principles except looking out for No. 1.

See Origin of the Culture Wars and Libertarianism = Anarchy for more on the subject. Speaking of scratching the surface, these postings barely scratch the surface of America's (multi)cultural wars. Shelves of books could be written on the subject.


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