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Create a Native American Superhero

Responses to Create a Native American Superhero:

I am including an entry into your create a native mutant contest. This guy's name is Wildfire. A bad-ass Cherokee. When his mother was pregnant she fell gravely ill and there was nothing the western medicine could do, so in a last ditch effort his grandfather prayed to the spirits with all his might that the child shall live and his daughter would survive. After the birth everyone was okay but the grandfather could feel the child irritating with power (his mom thought gamps was nuts) but when he came of age (13 I think) his ability to create, control and shape fire took his life in a new direction. He usually conjures up tribal animals or mythological native beasts his shirt is black (I ran out of ink) and he has a tribal bird on his chest.

He is trained by his grandfather who stays at his side helping him to understand these powers believing them to be a sign of hope....

-Danny [Donovan]

Mary Jumper
I promised a Creek female super heroŚright?

So, everyday name is Mary Jumper. She is arrogant and proud. She's also a fast talker, multi-lingual, and being a member of the Wind clan, she can call up a wind ranging from a breeze to a hurricane, and control it. Her downfall is often her massive pride. She likes to joke and gives out sarcastic nicknames to enemies. She also won't touch a $20 dollar bill because of whose picture is on it.

If wearing traditional clothing, it is a skirt like this, and the blouse is pretty normal too.


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