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Help create this superhero...and WIN!

"Pronghorn."  [To be determined]

The hero "Pronghorn" scorns her traditional name and uses another name that suggests speed in a punk/grunge way. She may use different names at different times, the way the Wasp changes costumes.  [To be determined]

Secret identity
First name: Perhaps something short and choppy—something suggesting her speed or contrary personality?  [To be determined]

18 or so.

Known relatives
[To be determined]

Tribal affiliation
A branch of the Sioux?  [To be determined]

Base of operations
A Sioux reservation (where pronghorns are found)?  [To be determined]

"Pronghorn" can move or run as fast as her namesake, the pronghorn. She can reach speeds up to 60 mph, or approximately four times as fast as the average person.

Unfortunately, she can maintain her peak speed for only a minute or so before becoming exhausted. After running at full speed, she must rest for up to an hour. (She needs the same recovery time as an athlete who's run a one-minute race.)

In combat situations, "Pronghorn" can move as fast as, or faster than, the fastest martial artist. However, because of her lack of training and discipline, she's no better than average at hand-to-hand fighting.

Somehow imbued with the speed of a pronghorn.  [To be determined]

"Pronghorn" was raised in a poverty-stricken home by a dysfunctional family. This led her to rebel and join a reservation gang. She has been arrested for juvenile offenses such as shoplifting, drunk driving, and possession of drugs.  [To be determined]

"Pronghorn" plays the part of a typical gang member: angry, rebellious, cynical, uncaring, dissolute, hopeless. She ignores rules, flouts authority, and mocks people who act "normal." She reserves her deepest scorn for Native friends and relatives who practice their traditional religion and culture.

She blames her family, her tribe, the "system"—everyone but herself—for her problems. She dropped out of school long ago and now does nothing, plays pranks, or gets high. To numb the pain she feels, she frequently drinks, uses drugs, and sleeps with friends.

Despite her wasted youth, "Pronghorn" has a greater than average intelligence. Whether she has a decent core personality that can be redeemed remains to be seen.

(Note: I've made "Pronghorn" a "negative" character intentionally to explore the problems youths face:  poverty, substance abuse, feelings of hopelessness, etc. One should not take this as an endorsement of her lifestyle. With her character arc, we'll explore how troubled youths can outgrow their past and become mature, functioning adults.)

Average height. Muscular body because of her frequent running. (Perhaps she starts out stocky but grows thinner as the series progresses?) Has the skimpy outfits, tattoos, and piercings of a female gang member. Hair is short and punkish, maybe colored (see illustration).  [To be determined]

Probably a jogging or running outfit like those worn by athletes. Punk touches such as intentional rips or a bare midriff? Shoes designed for running? See the costumes worn by Stars of STARS AND S.T.R.I.P.E. and XS of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Bonus points for incorporating visual elements from the actual pronghorn (animal).  [To be determined]

As with her rejection of the name "Pronghorn," she may reject the idea of having only one costume. She may claim using the same name and costume constantly is for "dorks" or "losers."

See photos for inspiration.

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Contest entries
Want to see what people have come up with? Okay, but if you plan to enter the contest, I suggest you develop your ideas first. That way, your submission is more likely to be creative and original.

"Pronghorn" contest entries

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