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Help create this superhero...and WIN!


Secret identity
May never be revealed.  [To be determined]

Young. Teenager?  [To be determined]

Known relatives
[To be determined]

Tribal affiliation
May be Anishinabe (Ojibway or Chippewa).  [To be determined]

Base of operations
May be the Great Lakes region (wherever loons are found).  [To be determined]

Loon can emit an eerie "loon cry." This sound disrupts all electromechanical devices within hearing distance. It's so haunting that it startles, distracts, even discombobulates humans who hear it.

May have other powers. [To be determined]

[To be determined]

[To be determined]

Much like that of a skateboarder or other "extreme" young athlete. Wild, impulsive, out of control, irreverent and immature, never serious. For analogues in the comic book world, see Impulse, the Creeper, Ambush Bug, Deadpool, or the Joker.

Loon speaks a colorful combination of Indian, skateboard, and hip-hop slang. Adults often have difficulty understanding what he's saying—which is the point, of course. Alternatively, perhaps he's as silent as a loon except when emitting his loon's cry. Perhaps he communicates only with gestures and body language like a mime or clown.  [To be determined]

Hair may be a wild, untamed mane. Face, at least when he's in costume, may be black and decorated with symbols. Think of a clown, member of Kiss, Lobo, or the Joker—but colored in reverse (white on black).  [To be determined]

May be a skintight jumpsuit. Color scheme may be something stark and garish such as black and white, black and red, or red and purple. Bonus points for incorporating colors and visual elements from the actual loon (bird). See photos for inspiration.  [To be determined]

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Contest entries
Want to see what people have come up with? Okay, but if you plan to enter the contest, I suggest you develop your ideas first. That way, your submission is more likely to be creative and original.

Loon contest entries

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