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Editorial Assistant
for Startup Publishing Venture

Blue Corn Comics needs editorial assistants to produce multicultural comic books featuring Native Americans. Responsibilities may include:

· Researching and writing a business plan.
· Researching and writing a marketing plan.
· Developing and implementing marketing strategies.
· Creating marketing and public relations materials.
· Creating school and library materials.
· Surveying retailers, educators, and customers.
· Arranging advertising and promotional deals.
· Placing stories in the press and on the Web.
· Arranging interviews and speaking engagements.
· Identifying and negotiating with publishers.
· Identifying and negotiating with printers.
· Identifying and negotiating with distributors.
· Creating Web pages, features, and designs.
· Building Web site hits and repeat traffic.
· Locating investment sources (Hollywood, casinos).
· Locating funding sources (foundations, government).

Hours and days are flexible. Help is needed year-round. Since this is a virtual company, interns work at their own locations, primarily by phone and Internet. Little or no pay, but we offer the possibility of commissions, college credit, and free comics. Gain experience, get feedback from a business professional, and develop a project to use in your portfolio.

This listing is appropriate for students in business, marketing, public relations, communications, media, publishing, education, librarianship, and multicultural studies. We have things to do in all these areas.

To get in on the ground floor of this exciting new venture, contact:

Rob Schmidt
Blue Corn Comics
#204, 6150 Buckingham Pkwy.
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 641-8931

Important reading for interns
Before you proceed, you should check out the links on our FAQ page. They'll tell you a lot about what we're doing, and give you ideas about how you can contribute. A comic featuring Native Americans isn't for everyone, so be sure you want to get involved before you get involved.

Marketing-related links
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How to help—basic marketing strategies

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