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Terrorism:  "Good" vs. "Evil"

Another response to Terrorism:  "Good" vs. "Evil":

I sent the following message to several people, including Ms. Firehair and her mailing list:

Who's the evildoer?

He's the spoiled son of a powerful politician from a wealthy oil family who is supported by religious fundamentalists. He operates through clandestine organizations, has no respect for the democratic electoral process, bombs innocents, and uses war to deny people their civil liberties.

One man's response:

>> dont even go there with that kind of anti american crap <<

Sorry, I've already gone there. My website has dozens of pages devoted to the causes and effects of the terrorist attacks. I'll continue to add to them as the conflict unfolds.

See Terrorism:  "Good" vs. "Evil" for details.

>> i am not a lover of bush but stand up for once in your pitiful life and thank the men who fight so you can sit on your duff <<

I'm pretty sure I didn't criticize "the men who fight" in my message. Send me the particular quote if you feel otherwise. As for Dubya Bush, he hasn't fought a lick in his life and he shouldn't even be president. I'll criticize him as much as he deserves—no more and no less.

>> this kind of crap if wriiten will be targeted by me take it to the bank <<

Take it to the bank that I'll defend every word I've written. I absolutely will not tolerate the idea that I should blindly kiss a flag and warble "God Bless America" because someone attacked us. If you don't like my messages, skip them, because I'm not planning to change my approach. Not now, not ever.

If you want Firehair to protect your delicate ears from my criticism, take it up with her. I didn't send my message to you. I sent it to her and she chose to forward it. You chose to join her group, so it's your responsibility, if you ask me.

>> i lost my pow cousin to the hands of the nva dismembered... <<

Since you don't know my history or the history of my family, including its service in the military, I suggest you hold the comparisons until you do.

>> you me we owe our lives to men and women who gave the ultimate gift to you... <<

No enemy has threatened the United States' existence since I've been alive. The only possible exception was the Cuban missile crisis and that was resolved by politicians, not soldiers. So technically...no, I do not owe them my life. And I've done what every good citizen does: obeys the laws, pays his taxes, votes, serves on juries, and so forth. That's all I owe my country.

>> so what do you offer back but sarcasim, hate, insult <<

You make it sound as if sarcasm and insults are a problem. Says who? As for hate, whom do you think I hate? Based on what, exactly?

>> not to my brothers you dont <<

Are George W. and Jeb Bush your brothers? I repeat that I don't think I insulted any military personnel. Show me I'm wrong and we'll discuss it.

>> good damn thing you dont live by me <<

Good damn thing I know this is posturing, or I'd ridicule it with more sarcasm and insults.

>> this is an old sf community we eat guys like u for lunch and keep your ears after we dry em. <<

Luckily, I'm not in your community. In cyberspace, I eat guys who criticize me for lunch. Good luck if you think you'll be the first person to outgun my arguments.

>> today is an anniv. of my 7th purple heart that almost left me in a bag on foreign soil, where were you when i needed you my american brother? <<

If you're talking about Vietnam, I was in grade school. The better question is where Dubya was, since I criticized him, not you. He sure as hell wasn't in Vietnam (or any other war).

Here in California, I was about a thousand miles closer to Vietnam than Dubya was. And without my daddy to pull strings for me, I was more likely to end up in Nam than George was. (On the other hand, he was more likely to end up in jail, as he proved so well.)

Is there anything else to say about Dubya? Or about our military? Let's stick to the people I did criticize and not those you imagined I criticized.


Note:  After I sent this response, my correspondent claimed someone hacked into his account and sent the above reply. Sure, that could be. Of course, it's also a convenient way for the corresondent to rationalize the butt-kicking I administered. <g>

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