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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

Comedian Chris Titus mentions various stereotypes while attempting to apologize for white people. The ones pertaining to Indians include:

You can find lots of good comments on this video on Racialicious, where I first saw it. Here are my comments:

I agree with those who said "nice try...heart's in the right place...needs work...employed some unfunny and unsavory stereotypes along the way."

The Japanese part was the worst. Not only did he conflate the Japanese aggressors with Japanese Americans, but he treats the death of 100,000 Japanese civilians as a punchline. Jokes about Hiroshima and Nagasaki are never cool.

I think he thinks that some stereotypes are well-known, part of our daily parlance, and therefore benign. Meaning it's okay to use them as a source of humor. Blacks eat chicken, Indians run casinos, the Japanese produce electronics, etc. I'd disagree with him here and say he should rework the piece to eliminate them. Don't use them to make (subtle) fun of minorities; use them only if you're going to dispute them and shoot them down.

I'm sure you all caught the obvious stereotypes, but did you catch this one? The country's European history is 500 years old, not 400 years old. It began when Spaniards explored the mainland in the early 1500s, not when Englishmen settled at Jamestown and Plymouth in the early 1600s.


Re "Do you really think all white people are living in a little bubble thinking life is grand and there are no problems in the world?"

No, not all. Just most conservatives and a few liberals. I'd guesstimate about 80% of white America.

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